A Tasty, Snake-Haired Lady

Nirvana Seeds

This delicious girl’s unmistakable Skunk aroma greets you with a metallic flavor up front and leaves you with a sugarcane aftertaste. She doesn’t put out easily. Medusa overcompensates for her relatively modest yield with a superior grade that will leave you craving her thick, Indica body over and over again. She’s exotic. She’s beautiful. She’s 100 percent Nirvana
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Extreme Stones
  • Misty Genetics
  • Earthy & Sweet
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Product Details

Pungent, Skunk Aroma With An Unforgettable Afghan Body Blast

Medicinal-grade THC levels are locked inside of nugs so heavy that thick appendages are needed to support them. Never uptight, Medusa is an indoor feminized seed who responds to tender, loving care with a reward of physical relief and restful nights.

  • Finicky but fast: seal the deal in as little as eight weeks
  • Super-dense, light-green nuggs are heavy and hearty
  • Difficult to handle during the day - take this night time girl to bed

This Nirvana legend smells like hash spirit - when it comes to resin, Medusa Feminized is a real giver. These cannabis seeds stand on the shoulders of the proud ancestry of powerful Misty genes. Lineage never lies!

You know The Gorilla doesn’t deal in dirt - he only slings the finest marijuana seeds. The Gorilla is friendly and he’s known for fast delivery. He’ll get them there on time even if he slips on a few banana peels along the way.

Add Another Notch on Your Belt by Bagging Medusa Seeds Today!

NB: Grow-grow is a no-no. Cultivation is illegal and both you and The Gorilla know it.


Indoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Misty Hybrid
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
THC Strong
Medical Yes
Height Info medium
Flavour Earthy with a Sugary-Sweet Aftertaste
Yield Average
Yield Notes 350 to 450 gr/m2
Sativa / Indica ratio Mixed Hybrid
Many say that the magical herb is euphoric, but Nirvana Seeds is pure heaven! This Dutch breeder opened their doors in the heart of Amsterdam way back in 1995 with one of the original Positronics' masterminds at the helm. With that kind of knowledge, Nirvana Seeds was a shoe-in to reach legendary status. Buy your regular and feminized seeds today & join Nirvana in spreading peace & serenity throughout the world. It just may change your life!