Super Skunk Female

Take Walk on the Dark Side!

Nirvana Seeds

Super Skunk has a legendary reputation! Her strength is world renowned, rivaling the potent imported hash usually found in Dutch coffeeshops. She’ll blast you to a level you never thought possible, yet keep your head clear and focused along the way. These feminized seeds have a distinct odour that’s an acquired taste, but for fans of skunk strains, they're perfect.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Uber Stinky - No Stealth Here!
  • F1 Hybrid of Skunk #1 & Skunk Special
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Product Details

If You Can’t Beat Her, Join Her

Super Skunk’s very giving to those who know how to handle her. If you treat these feminized seeds properly she’ll reward you with heavy yields. She’s content to spend time indoors and is finished in 8-10 weeks after the flip.

  • Mixed Hybrid - Highs & Stones
  • Way Too Stinky for Stealth
  • Extreme F1 Vigour
  • Super Skunk Genetics = Skunk #1 X Skunk Special

This feminized Sativa/Indica is intense, leaving your whole body buzzing. She’s known for her abundant, rock hard nugs and dark green, robust limbs. The extreme hit she gives is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re willing to take Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds on, you won’t be sorry!

We know you’re itching to get your hands on these exceptional marijuana seeds. The Gorilla knows itching, and it’s never a good time! Lucky for you, when you order from Gorilla Seeds, you never have to wait long for your shipment.

Order Now and Experience the Dominance of Super Skunk Seeds!

NB: The Gorilla doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea about these superior cannabis seeds. Their potential is immense, but due to the laws of the land, it must be kept locked away inside the seeds - kind of like a treasure box without the key. Exciting, right? We know! Unrequited possibilities are the best!

Don't forget Nirvana's Super Skunk Strain comes in both feminized and regular seeds. Either is a great choice!


Indoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Skunk #1 X Skunk Special
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
THC Strong
Height Info medium
Flavour Pungent
Aroma Heavy Fuel - Pungent
Yield Good
Yield Notes 400 to 500 gr/m2
Sativa / Indica ratio Mixed Hybrid
Greenhouse Yes
Many say that the magical herb is euphoric, but Nirvana Seeds is pure heaven! This Dutch breeder opened their doors in the heart of Amsterdam way back in 1995 with one of the original Positronics' masterminds at the helm. With that kind of knowledge, Nirvana Seeds was a shoe-in to reach legendary status. Buy your regular and feminized seeds today & join Nirvana in spreading peace & serenity throughout the world. It just may change your life!