Nirvana Regular - AK 48

SOG Her Up Inside

Nirvana Seeds

AK 48 loves to stay indoors. Rain sucks. Greenhouses are even better; you don’t expect her to stare at the ventilation fan all day do you? Speaking of ventilation, use it. She’s super-stinky. Let her lull you into oblivion with her lovely inside-voice, in the nicest way a chick named after a gun can manage.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • A White Strain
  • 7-9 Week Finishes
  • A Real Mind-Blower
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Product Details

She’s a Sensitive Cannon

Even The Gorilla keeps his voice down after a tangle with Nirvana Seeds AK 48. Every encounter with this non-violent honey soothes and delights.

Everyone loves easy chicks (unless it’s your mom, then it’s just funny), so even you can get this girl to give up those tight, greasy nuggs! Easy doesn’t = cheap either, this weed seed is a 7X winner!

  • Took 2nd prize for best Sativa, 1999 Cannabis Cup
  • Took 1st place for best ever, 2013 Gorilla Cup
  • Hilariously strong odour and taste

Hope you didn’t try to Internet “Gorilla Cup;” it’s a fishing tournament, and she doesn’t go outdoors. Not a lot of hot chicks fish anyway, bait is often deemed “yucky.” AK 48 sports a gill-clogging 15%+ THC, easily gleaned from her spiky resinous coat. With fast, good yields and high-end quality, everybody wins.

The Gorilla wins too. He’s secured the Fast Friendly Service Cup, the Secure Purchasing Cup, and the coveted Kicked The Other Guy’s Price’s Ass Cup. Technically, The Gorilla just said Ass Cup.

Be a Winner and SOG with AK 48 Seeds Today!

NB: Don’t be a loser and do something illegal with your new AK48 strain! Growing cannabis seeds is illegal, in case you forgot.


Indoor Yes
Flowering Time 7-10 weeks
THC Strong
Height Info short
Flavour Sweet & Smooth
Yield Good
Yield Notes 400 to 500 gr/m2
Sativa / Indica ratio Mixed Hybrid
Greenhouse Yes
Many say that the magical herb is euphoric, but Nirvana Seeds is pure heaven! This Dutch breeder opened their doors in the heart of Amsterdam way back in 1995 with one of the original Positronics' masterminds at the helm. With that kind of knowledge, Nirvana Seeds was a shoe-in to reach legendary status. Buy your regular and feminized seeds today & join Nirvana in spreading peace & serenity throughout the world. It just may change your life!