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Fire Alien Master

Bow Down to the Master!

This Indica-dominant powerhouse combines Fire Alien Kush's impressive speed with SoCal Master Kush's strong physical stones for an all-around winner. Get yours today!

  • Extremely Sticky - Free-Flowing Resin
  • Hashy Smell & Taste with Notes of Lemon
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The Aliens Have Arrived at Gorilla Seeds!

The little green men have been circling the Gorilla Seeds warehouse for months & now we know why. They were waiting for the OG Raskal Seeds. Even those dudes can't resist a little Alien Fire Kush - not to mention The White. They finally landed, stole a shitload of feminized & regular seeds, and bailed without even saying good bye. What - you were expecting an anal probing story? Sorry to disappoint!

  • Feminized & Regular Seeds - Top-Shelf Quality
  • Highly Sought-After American Gear
  • Thick Frost, High THC, Amazing Yields
  • Great Prices with Deep Discounts

OG Raskal Seeds have been incredibly popular throughout their home base of California & the rest of the United States for years and The Gorilla is proud to introduce this raccoon-logo'd genius to the rest of the world. We offer low prices, deep discounts, free cannabis seeds & discreet international delivery. What more could you ask for?

Don't Wait a Minute Longer to Get Your Genuine OG Raskal Seeds - Order Now!

NB: All cannabis seed descriptions on the Gorilla Seeds website are rewrites of the original breeder specifications including those that apply to the OG Raskal Seeds. Germination & cultivation of said beans is strictly prohibited by law & our TOS. The aliens made me do it will not be accepted as a valid excuse.

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