Auto Kong 4

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Super Sticky GG4 Inspired resin content & yields, autoflowering fast flowering power from Pandora, citrus Lemony fragrance, and complete with Tomy Chong’s™ seal of approval!

  • 65 Days from Seed
  • Glue Sticky Buds
  • Great Yields
  • Lemon, Sweet Fragrance
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Product Details

Monster Yield, Glued up Buds in 65 Days!

Paradise Seeds Auto Kong 4 is part of The Paradise Tomy Chong’s™ collection, expect explosive yield content, and high-grade potency with mega-fast flowering times - Buds are massive and dense, super sticky with high resin, expect glue to be dripping off the heavyweight flowers from Auto Kong 4!

Auto kong 4 produces two phenos - one is a more sweet flavored indica leaning, while the other more sativa, with a citrus fragrance inherited from its GG4 parent.

  • Ultra Resin Glue
  • Packed and Stacked Yields
  • 9 weeks from seed!

Paradise Seeds developed Auto Kong 4 by taking a very potent GG4 ( Gorilla Glue) and backcrossed with over 4 generations ( for superior stability ) with Paradise Seeds Pandora. Gorilla Glues potency and record glue levels are combined with Pandoras' auto-flowering and fast flowering characteristics resulting in Auto Kong 4, a serious beast in all departments!

Layers of sweetness and delicious fruity flavors are revealed when smoked, the complex and rich flavor terpenes make Auto Kong 4 incredibly unique and noticeably different from other strains. Plants are either shorter and bushy OR slightly stretched depending on the sativa / indica pheno which comes through, so be prepared for some variation between plants. Nuggets are compressed, dense, and solid with orange hairs which look lovely against the luminous green buds.

Auto Kong 4 is Incredibly potent but not as savage as her Gorillla Glue parent - the buzz is uplifting, euphoric, and highly energizing with a body relaxing high from Pandora.

Super Potent Glue in an Auto-flowering format!


Cannabis Genetics Gorilla Glue (GG4) X Pandora
Flowering Time 9 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 20%
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info relaxation body with clear mind
Height notes 120 cm Bushy Plants
Auto flowering Yes
Flavour layers of sweetness, fuel and a pleasant sourness.
Aroma Lemon, Sweet
Yield Notes 450 grams per m² Indoors / 50+ grams per plant
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio Indica: 60% | Sativa: 40%

Paradise seeds have a solid strain base which is the cornerstone of all their strains. Paradise Seeds only select and cross the most potent strains with the finest, sweet taste.