Heavy Yielding Filter Buster

Paradise Seeds

Acid is Paradise Seeds' very own version of the ever popular Diesel strain and what a stinky little b**** she is! A strong, long lasting buzz and massive Yields of 400 g/m2 indoors or 600g/m2 outdoors can be easily achieved, but be warned - if you keep this heavy Indica indoors, then make sure your filter is up to scratch. Her fumes are overwhelming.
  • Medical Strain
  • Fast 65 Days Flowering
  • 400 g/m2 Indoors
  • 600 g/m2 Outside
  • Filter Buster
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Product Details

Warning: Nose Clip, Goggles And Gloves Recommended!

You thought Diesel put a stink on? Then think again! These Acid Female seeds should have a yellow triangle stuck on the pack. The eye watering stench of Sour Grapefruit is just too much.

The taste and power of these seeds are just as heavy as the stink. Immediately, an overwhelming, high kicks in, and as the acrid fumes slowly settle down, so does the buzz, into a long lasting medical high with a peaceful, optimistic sensation.

  • 65 Days Flowering
  • 400 g/m2 Indoors: 600 g/m2 Outside
  • Medical Strain
  • Filter Buster

Acid Seeds aren’t the result of a complicated breeding program. Paradise Seeds simply selected high quality Dutch genetics and created their own high yielding, Diesel hybrid with a powerful taste, intense aroma and a medical quality buzz that’s even stronger and better than the original Diesel strain.

The Gorilla can’t recommend this strain enough. If you want a cannabis seed that will outperform most strains in taste, power and medicinal effect, then it’s a no brainer - this is the seed for you! Just make sure you have a good quality filter!

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Order Acid Feminized Seeds Now- But Go Check Your Filter!

NB: Germinating cannabis seeds is against the law and can lead to serious side effects including: loss of wealth, time or freedom. May also include the following symptoms: Group showering, travel restrictions and the making of licence plates or mailbags – so don’t do it!