Paradise Seeds Apricot Candy Feminized

Sativa Cali-Bred Perfection!

Paradise Seeds

Apricot Baked Pie Aroma. Sativa Growth & Yields, Unique Cali-Bred genetics. Paradise Seeds Apricot Candy Feminized produces a staggering amount of Resin, THC is 20% + also! Based on the award winning dutch dragon, the potency too much to handle for inexperienced consumers so please be cautious! Apricot Candy Feminized has vigorous growth and solid branch spread! You will need some solid branch scaffolding from week 7 of flowering due to the insane yield potential!
  • Cali Bred Genetics
  • Unique Apricot Flavours
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Wild Sativa Growth

About Paradise Seeds Apricot Candy Feminized

Apricot Candy Delicious Snow Dumped Buds!

Apricot Candy Strains from paradise seeds is a delicious fruity Cali-bred sativa with sizable yields which produce double-coated resin-infested buds. Unique Ripe apricot Terps which have hints of figs and apples, sweet, fruity, and mouth-watering delicious.

You don't have to love apricots to adore these marvelous genetics! Her rich taste and silky smoothness is unique like no other strain. Explosive sativa fuelled growth-producing chubby swollen buds and her indoor yield is unmatched when we compare other south african genetics to the mix. The gorilla has been so impressed with Paradise Apricot Candy, he's personally reserved over 100 packs of this cannabis strain just in case we have some world disaster - he wants to make sure this strain makes it through no matter what!

Paradise Seeds Apricot candy Feminzied has produced big plants with inflated beachball-type buds, and leaves are red and blue making this looks very pretty during the vegetative growth phase.

  • Unique Apricot Flavour
  • 500 g/m2 Yields indoors!
  • Medical Grade, Anti-Inflammatory

Apricot Candy Feminized is different from most Cali varieties - she produces extra resin compared to her cali counterparts, and trichomes later cover buds like the dump of fresh snow! Yields are good and THC is above 20% making this plant very potent when grown under the correct conditions.

Medically it's only recommended for experienced consumers of cannabis due to its high THC - Apricot candy Seeds has many anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Sativa, Cali-bred perfection from Paradise Seeds!

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Dutch Dragon x Thin Mint GSC
Flowering Time 9 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 22% THC
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info anti-inflammatory effects.
Flavour Silky Fruity, Vanilla
Aroma Apple, fresh figs and apricots
Flowering Outdoors end of October
Yield Notes 1000 G/m2 Outdoors / 500 G/m2 indoors
Sativa / Indica ratio 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Greenhouse Yes

Paradise seeds have a solid strain base which is the cornerstone of all their strains. Paradise Seeds only select and cross the most potent strains with the finest, sweet taste. Apricot Candy bred for the connoisseur’s palate. It's a Cali strain with huge sativa yields. High THC , doubled resin with massive yields. Apricot candy feminized has Dutch Dragon parentage, with South African genetics making this super strain very uniform- growers can expect little differences between individual plants. Outdoor plants grow like trees with monstrous growth reported from growers in warmer climates. The high is stong and clear before creeping into dragon's wings with a more relaxed state for body & mind.

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