Durga Mata

Super Mellow Non-Couchlocker!

Paradise Seeds

Super Robust, Pest Reliant plant which requires minimal attention to reach its full potential. Ready after 8 weeks of flowering - Super high resin content provides the ultimate mellow high which won't leave you cabbaged

  • Mainly Indica/li>
  • Super Robust
  • Mellow Relaxtion
  • Medical Properties
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Product Details

Soothing Relaxation & Stress Relief!

Durga Mata was Paradise Seeds original cannabis medical strain, a heavy indica offering powerful relaxation effects! Bred from Afghani and Himalayan parents - the Himalaya provides mellow relaxation and takes the full-on body-blowing couch-lock effect away from the super potent Afghani genetics.

  • Mainly Indica
  • Robust & Pest Resilant
  • 8 Weeks flowering

Durga Mata is a  very resinous plant producing compact dense buds littered with trichomes from stout and bushy plant structures. Growth is vigorous and Durga Mata is robust thanks to its Indian heritage, the plant can look after itself with minimal attention making this a good choice for novice growers. Thanks to her stout structure, paradise seeds assure us she performs very well in a SOG . Expect matured buds ready after 8 weeks of flowering - buds will be earthy with a perfume essence of Turkish Delight quality.

Outdoors Durga Mata fights off unwanted pests and is ready at the beginning of October producing 600g per cannabis plant in optimal climate.

Medically Durga Mata is recommended for muscle relaxation and stress relief - an excellent anti-anxiety remedy when used considerably.

Mellow Relax Which Won't Knock You For Six!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Afghani and Himalayan indica
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Medical Cannabis Info muscle relaxing and analgesic properties, counter stress qualities.
Aroma fruity earthiness, Turkish Delight perfume essence
Yield Notes 425 g per m² indoors / 600 g per plant outdoors
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes

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