Deep complex hash flavor

Paradise Seeds

Extremely aromatic and tasty, Gulupa is a Purple strain with looks great - striking purple colors will sweep your grow room, buds are a pure treat with top bag appeal - buds are extremely morish too!
  • Versatile
  • Purple Kush x Gelato 33
  • Extremely Aromatic
  • Vivid dark purple Buds
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Product Details

Energetic, Uplifting, and Creative with a sense of contentment.!

Gulupa is a recent Cali hybrid from Paradise Labs with a deep complex hash flavor profile overlaid with intense citrus and tasty passion fruit and dark berries. Extremely aromatic and tasty as you can expect from her lineage of Purple Kush x Gelato 33.  The Kush provides the hashy earthy base, while the Gelato 33 adds extra sweetness with a fruity aftertaste.

  • Vigorous growth pattern
  • Striking purple colors
  • Strong & Uplifting

Gulupa stands out with striking purple colors which sweep the plant and dense heavy dark purple buds which are crammed with THC. Leaves are plum-toned, and buds are vivid dark purple with red pistols.

Paradise Seeds Gulupa is a 65% Indica plant with a vigorous growth pattern, versatile, and highly resistant to pests and mold. Strong & Uplifting, Gulpas's terp profile is impressive. Gupla produces medium-sized bushy cannabis plants with plentiful bud sites for max production, branches will need extra support in the final weeks of flowering since buds will expand and inflate! Paradise seeds recommend lollipopping this plant for best results ( removing the bottom branches). Outdoors she can grow up and above 2m tall and matures at the end of September

The high from Gulpa is energetic, uplifting and creative with a sense of contentment. The body effect is an easygoing sense of relaxation which is never overwhelming. As a mainly indica strain its well suited for medical patients - it provides ongoing relief through the day without the wipe-out mong.

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Please do not germinate or grow Paradise Seeds Gulpa since it's against the law. UK law forbids the germination of cannabis seeds - don't forget!


Cannabis Genetics Purple Kush x Gelato 33
Flowering Time 9-11 weeks
Medical Cannabis Info Pain relief
Aroma Citrus Fruits - Strawberries & Passion Fruits
Flowering Outdoors Early October
Yield Good
Indoor Yield 500 grams per m²
Outdoor Yield 700 g per plant
Yield Notes 500g per m² Indoors / 700g per plant outdoors

Paradise seeds have a solid strain base which is the cornerstone of all their strains. Paradise Seeds only select and cross the most potent strains with the finest, sweet taste.