This Shining Star is Fully Encrusted in Twinkling THC Crystals!

Paradise Seeds

Nebula seeds always deliver maximum trichage - no scope to see these babies! The multi-layered, cerebral buzz can only be described as transcendental with a touch of trip, and the sweet fragrance & honeyed fruit taste is killer. There's no mistaking why this incredible strain won 3, count'em 3, major Cups in just 2 years!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Championship Genetics
  • High Resin Content
  • Sweet Aroma - Honey Flavour
  • Cerebral & Trippy
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Product Details

AKA Starcloud, Nebula Has Been a Standout Since 1996!

With nearly 2 decades of proven success to back this one up, Paradise Seeds Nebula is a clear winner. This impressive strain has won 3 major Cups including Highlife, Copa La Bella Flor & the grand poobah of all Cannabis festivals, the Dutch High Times Cannabis Cup! We won't even bring up all the smaller wins. It would only embarrass the other weed seeds, and that's just mean.

  • Nebula's Open Structure Lends Itself to SOG
  • Up to 500 gr/m2 Inside, 600 gr/seed Outside
  • Extremely Thick Resin - Sweet Smell & Flavour
  • Keep Inside Unless You Live in a Temperate Region

Nebula Feminized Seeds are fairly balanced Indica/Sativa hybrids, but they'll hit your head like a velvet hammer with strong, long-lasting effects that are all Sativa. They'll send you on a mental trip to places you've never even dreamed of. Sound like fun?

At these prices, you might think The Gorilla pinched 'em during his interstellar travels, but he just thinks he does sh*t like that when he's heavy into the smoke. We simply asked Paradise Seeds nicely & they gave us a special deal that we're passing on to you. Get your Nebula Cannabis Seeds today before they all come to their senses. It's bound to happen ... sometime.

Order Your Nebula Seeds Today & Prepare for Maximum Liftoff!

NB: It might be legal to start a Nebula grow on Mars, Venus or Uranus, but it's still a crime in the UK & most other countries. That's why we sell all our cannabis seeds as dormant collectibles that you should keep safely encased in their awesomely cool breeder pack while you gaze at them admiringly & dream of what could be.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Cannabis Cup High Times, Highlife, Copa La Bella Flor
Cup Winner Yes
Flavour Honeyed Fruit
Aroma Sweet
Flowering Outdoors Midivive of October
Indoor Yield Up to 500 gr/m2 in SOG
Outdoor Yield 500 to 600 gr/seed
Sativa / Indica ratio Mixed
Greenhouse Yes
Nebula is a powerful cannabis seed created by the Paradise Seeds brand. Paradise Seeds operates out of cannabis friendly Amsterdam to bring you an outstanding line of regular, feminized & autoflowering seeds. They offer 100% organic breeding stock & boast a record-breaking 95% success rate. They test every batch of seeds before they're released & hand select each bean before it goes into its sealed pack. Get yours today - you will not be disappointed!