Capri Zun

Tantalising Terps & Flavours

Perfect Tree

Perfect Tree Capri Sun is in serious demand, this strain has been flying out ever since it's release on gorilla. A uniquely distinct terp profile makes this strain ideal for concentrates and extracts for those looking for something interestingly different.
  • Capri Zun
  • Ready in 8-9 weeks
  • Imprssive Yields
  • Well balanced indica sativa
  • Morish Terp profile -great for extracts
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Product Details

Perfect Tree Capri Zun is the magical union of 2 awesome strains. Perfect tree crossed a strong male Sunset Sherbert bx1 with a well-rounded female Peach Ozz to produce this marvelous Capri Zun Feminized. Capri Zun inherits the best traits from both strains, her terp profile has enhanced Zkittlez thanks to the Sunset sherbert parent, and the peak OZZ generates some morish ethereal notes.

  • Perfect Tree Capri Zun
  • Sunset Sherbert bx1 x Peach Ozz
  • Beginner Freindly

Capri Zun is a nicely balanced Sativa Indica that is deeply rewarding and easy to grow, requires minimal maintenance, and is controllable. 8-9 weeks of flowering is all it takes, the hairs turn from white to orange after week 6, but don't be tempted to harvest at this stage, instead watch the calyxes swell up and maximize in after the 8th week. Impressive 550-600 g/m2 yields are obtainable indoors without much effort, outdoors this strain will tower tall and produce around 1.5kg per plant and is harvestable by September.

The well balances sativa indica high starts euphoric, creative, and refreshing before gradually unleashing a deeply sedative and physical body high which is strong but not narcotic.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Sunset Sherbert bx1 x Peach Ozz
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Yield Good
Greenhouse Yes
Perfect Tree is a new breeder to hit our seed bank list, specializing in feminized and regular strains, the terp profiles on all Perfect Tree genetics are in their own league altogether.