Lime OZZ

Insane citrus terps

Perfect Tree

A Unique crossing of 2 perfect strains Lime Pop Kush x Peach Ozz creating the unique and distinctive Perfect Tree Lime Ozz. Flowers in 8-9 weeks with medium-high yields.
  • Lime Pop Kush x Peach Ozz
  • Perfect Tree Cannabis Seeds
  • Exclusive Genetics
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Product Details

Perfect Tree crossed a fine specimen of Lime Pop Kush with a sturdy male Peach Ozz, they then backcrossed this a dozen times for super stability. Lime Ozz is known for its distinctive citrus terps with a hint of Zkittlez from its peach Ozz parent. Super High-Quality cannabis, we would expect nothing less from Perfect Trees. Lime ozz flowers in 8-9 weeks and yields are medium - high size, quality is through the roof, Lime ozz will have a quality which is marked when compared to off-the-shelf barneys or fast buds for example. Buds Are small, tight, and dark green with light brown hairs. Each nugget when broken emits pure dankness and happiness.

  • Perfect Tree Lime Ozz
  • Medium High Yields
  • Super High Qaulity
  • Small dark green nugget-sized buds with brown hairs

Lime ozz grows to a reasonable size, it's quite a sparse plant and not too bushy, requiring some maintenance and pruning to get the top results. As with all perfect tree cannabis seeds, perfect tree is keeping the details and specs of this strain close to their chest!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Lime Pop Kush x Peach Oz
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Yield Good
Yield Notes Medium/High yield
Greenhouse Yes
Perfect Tree is a new breeder to hit our seed bank list, specializing in feminized and regular strains, the terp profiles on all Perfect Tree genetics are in their own league altogether.