49 Days Flowering Time | 600 gm/2 | 90% Indica | 17.5% THC

Pyramid Seeds

  • 17.5% THC
  • 49 to 56 Day Flowering
  • 600 gr/m2 Yields

About Alpujarreña

49 Days Flowering Time | 600 gm/2 | 90% Indica | 17.5% THC

Alpujarreña takes just 49 days to flower, this is the fastest non-auto we've had on Gorilla yet. Alpujarreña is part of a new range developed by Pyramid Seeds. This 90% Indica strain takes on a luscious green visual with dabs of frosted ice.

Alpujarreña is extremely robust and able to withstand the harshest of cold conditions.

Cannabis Seeds are sold for collection purposes only. Germinating cannabis seeds is against the law. This description is beased on the genetics of the mother that produced these seeds.

Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds available in 1,3 and 5 cannabis seeds per packet.

THC Strong
THC notes 17.5% THC
Don't have a lot of cash? Don't sweat it! Pyramid Seeds has created an outstanding line of connoisseur-quality strains that deliver professional results at bargain-basement prices. The power is top-rate, the flavours are just as awesome & the yields are nothing short of brilliant. Trust us - it just doesn't get any better than Pyramid Seeds. Order yours today - Blue Pyramid is our absolute favourite from this silky smooth line!
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