Sour Diesel

A HTCC Champion - 2nd Best Hash Strain of 2010!

Reserva Privada

Get out the heavy-duty tarps & a fresh pair of scissors for these babies! Sour Diesel is covered in enough icy crystals to choke a Yeti, but frostbite will not be a problem. The full-bodied, high-octane flavour will keep you warm & toasty from the first whiff to long after the final exhale. Forget the brandy - send our rescue dog with a full cask of Sour Diesel!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Lasting Sour Punch
  • Thick Resin - Sticky!
  • Very Generous Yield
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Product Details

Meet Your New Favourite - Perfect for Beginners, Complicated Enough for Experts!

We can't say enough about Reserva Privada's Sour Diesel strain! It's a 2010 HTCC Winner, a Gorilla-approved cannabis seed and a best seller throughout the world. In short, you'll absolutely love everything about this pungent breed from it's inch-thick frost to it's delightfully sour twang!

  • A High-Powered Chemdawg 91 Hybrid
  • Light Green to Start with a Blush of Pink at the End
  • Perfect for All Experience Levels

As a 60% Indica, 40% Sativa, the Sour Diesel effect is sublime with just a hair more physical stone than mental buzz - it won't lock you to the couch, but it'll do much more than take the edge off. It's as close to perfect as you can get!

No Sour Diesel Strain Review would be complete without mentioning the gobsmacking big yield! This powerhouse pumps out up to 550 gr/m2 in 10 weeks - be patient, these little resin factories need every single second to do their best. You won't be sorry you took the time to squeeze every bit of power out of these stretchy monsters. Remember - pinching & bending are your BFFs when you're working with the big SD!

It's your money - you can order anything you want. Why not go for maximum goo with these premium Sour Diesel Seeds? To sweeten the deal, The Gorilla tosses in the lowest prices, fastest delivery & best customer service going. Don't settle for good enough - go for the gold at Gorilla Seeds!

Pucker Up & Get Ready - Sour Diesel Could Be On It's Way Tomorrow If You Order Today!

NB: It's true that you can't beat this Sour Diesel price, but that doesn't give you a license to germinate or cultivate your new cannabis seeds - only the home office can do that! Only problem is, last time we checked, they won't handing those babies out like party favours! Keep it legal - don't grow.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics (Chemdawg 91 X Mass Super Skunk/NL) X DNL
Flowering Time 10 weeks
THC Strong
Cannabis Cup 2nd Best Hash HTCC 2010
Cup Winner Yes
Height Info tall
Height notes Known to Stretch
Flavour Lasting Sour Fuel
Aroma Pungent
Yield Good
Yield Notes 450 to 550 gr/m2
Sativa / Indica ratio 60% Indica/40% Sativa
Greenhouse Yes
West Coast genetics are so good that DNA Genetics need two divisions to hold them all! If you're looking for the Cali fire that burns brighter than anything you've ever seen, you'll find it right here at Reserva Privada - DNA's own private reserve! This is the breeder's own weed seeds, my friend - the cream of the crop, the best of the best & the top of the heap. It's your money - why not go for the gold? Order your authentic Reserva Privada Seeds today! Not sure what to choose? We recommend the HTCC-winning Kosher Kush!