Hawaii Maui Waui

Smooth & Fresh Like a Tropical Breeze

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This is the strain that put Hawaii in the Cannabis Hall of Fame! Just as famous as Acapulco Gold & Red-Hair Skunk, Sativa Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui is just as sought-after as it was back in the day. Grab these 100% feminized seeds while you can for the head trip of the century - this one or last!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Old-School Tropical Haze
  • Hazey & Cerebral
  • Never Overpowering
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Product Details

Genuine Hawaiian Haze

When it comes to psychedelic Haze, nothing beats Hawaii Maui Waui Seeds! Now, you can get this throwback strain painstakingly bred by the one & only Sativa Seedbank - it's the real deal!

  • Plenty of Power, But Never Overpowering
  • Old-School Haze - Sativa Dominant
  • Hawaii Maui Waui Yields Up to 450 gr/m2

Like all Sativa-dominant weed seeds, this Hawaii Maui Waui strain is tall & lanky with an energizing buzz that'll get you up & moving - perfect whether you're catching waves or catching up on your honey-do list. We guarantee it'll make your chores go way faster!

Hawaii Maui Waui Feminized Seeds only need 7 to 8 weeks of finish after the flip - you will not be disappointed!

The Gorilla would dance the hula in a grass skirt & a coconut brassiere to get you the best deals on your choice of premium cannabis seeds. Have you ever seen a Gorilla dance the hula? You can't miss out on that!

Live It Up Island Style with Hawaii Maui Waui Cannabis Seeds - Buy Now!

NB: There's nothing laid-back or chill about jailtime. Avoid it at all costs - that means no Hawaii Maui Waui grow or smoke report for you. Both are illegal in almost all countries.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Old School F1
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC Average
Height Info tall
Height notes Tall & Lanky
Flavour Smooth, Fruity, Herbal
Aroma Citrus
Flowering Outdoors August or September
Yield Average
Yield Notes 350 to 450 gr/m2
Mainly Sativa Yes
Greenhouse Yes
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