Skunk #1

Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, Mexican Sativa - Pure Class!


Created by Sacred Seeds back in the psychedelic 70s, Skunk #1 was the first fully stable hybrid to hit Amsterdam, and the rest is history. This is still one of the easiest, one of the best & one of the most sought-after cannabis seeds on earth & it can be yours at a low, low price thanks to The Gorilla & Seedsman. Don't miss out!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Classic 3-Way Blend
  • Unmistakable Aroma
  • Amazing Head Stash
  • Not for Stealth
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Product Details

This Old-School Weed Seed Still Sets a High Standard!

If you're tired of hyped up strains that never seem to deliver on their promises, go with the proven power of Skunk #1 Feminized Seeds. Other than this one convenient update, Seedsman's Skunk #1 is still the same odorific wonder weed from back in the day.

This single breed has delivered utter & total satisfaction to generation after generation of red-eyed stoners & we guarantee it'll plaster a smile on your face as well!

  • Skunk #1 Flowering Time = 9 Weeks
  • Prefers Indoors or Greenhouses
  • Mostly Sativa with Trippy Head Highs
  • One of the Most Successful Strains Ever Bred

If the name doesn't bring back memories of the old days, Skunk #1 Seeds' family tree certainly will. In the 70's, the gold standard was literally set by glistening strains like Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold plus a very special Sativa that went by the legendary name of Mexican Red Hair.

If you've imbibed any of those classics during your youth - or heard the stories from those who have - you know what to expect from Skunk #1. Pure class!

When you shop for Skunk #1 Cannabis Seeds at the Gorilla Seed Bank, these high-quality beans won't be the only throw-back. With prices like ours, you'll feel like you've just stepped back in time. Our deals are unbelievable, our service is helpful & friendly, and The Gorilla still knows how to party like it was 1979!

Go Straight to the Source with Skunk #1 Seeds - Order Yours Today!

NB: Are you a true OG? Then skip the feminized seeds and pick up a 10-pack of Seedsman's Skunk #1 Regular Seeds. According to some they're better, stronger & more robust than they're prissier sisters.


Indoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Acapulco Gold X Mexican Sativa X Columbian Gold
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Flavour Sweet & Distinctive
Aroma Skunky
Yield Good
Mainly Sativa Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Skunk #1 Feminized is a classic cannabis seed created by the Seedsman Seed Company. The Seedsman brand is known for high-quality, low prices and authentic European genetics. This group is also committed to furthering legal reform when and where they can. A portion of each sale is donated to this worthy cause. Why not order your next set of regular, feminized or autoflowering seeds from someone who cares?