White Widow

Want Resin? This Baby's Got It!


White Widow has earned a wicked reputation as a potent resin factory! No other cannabis seed even comes close to matching her level of goo. Put on your shades, toss down the tarps & watch out. Before you know it, you'll be surrounded by gleaming tops that reflect every bit of light. She's a stunner!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Indian & Brazilian Genetics
  • Unbelievable Frost
  • Immense Power
  • Sativa Dominant
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Product Details

These Cannabis Seeds Know How to Fill a Screen!


SCroG, SOG, dirt, 'dro, indoors, outdoors, on frickin Mars - with White Widow Feminized Seeds, it simply doesn't matter. These beans shine in any environment, any setup and with any level of experience. She's beginner-friendly, utterly reliable and simply brilliant - this is one purchase you will not regret!


  • Original White Widow Genetics
  • 8 Week Finishers - Respectably Fast
  • High THC - Mostly Cerebral Effects
  • Highly Sought-After in Dutch Coffeeshops

Don't be fooled by imitations - this is the genuine White Widow strain, a Sativa-dominant mix of Indian & Brazilian breeding stock that're so authentic they don't even have hyped up names. These feminized seeds go straight to the source for truly unbridled power.

Sound too good to be true? They're not!

Know what else sounds too good to be true? The deals you'll get on premium weed seeds at Gorilla Seeds! The Gorilla works double time to make sure he slaps the lowest price possible on all our beans whether you choose one of our many White strains or go with Blue, or Purple, or Skunk, or Diesel, or whatever - we have them all!

Buy Your White Widow Seeds Today - They're Kick-Ass!


NB: If you're into White Widow, you've made an excellent choice. However, there's one thing you have to know - Gorilla Seeds sells all cannabis seeds as dormant collectible items. Germination & cultivation is against our TOS & against the law. Don't do it or else!



Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Brazilian X Indian
Flowering Time 8 weeks
THC Strong
Cup Winner Yes
Flowering Outdoors End of October
Mainly Sativa Yes
Greenhouse Yes
White Widow is a robust feminized seed from the Seedsman collection. The Seedsman brand is an excellent source for authentic genetics at affordable prices. Whether you're an old-school stoner who prefers the unbridled power of a naturally-bred regular seed or a modern hipster who's into automatics, you won't regret going with this rock-stolid brand. We predict you'll love 'em!