Skunk #1 - Regular

This Legendary Strain Will Never Let You Down!


Back in the day, Skunk #1 set the standard that all other seeds could only hoped to match. This extremely smelly sh*t is still highly sought almost 50 years after its first release, and that, my friend, tells you everything you need to know. If you're looking for a weed seed you'll never grow tired of, get this one - you won't be disappointed!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Old-School Genetics
  • Mostly Sativa - 9 Week Finish
  • Extremely Popular
  • Very Affordable - Top Quality
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Product Details

Hardcore Doesn't Even Begin to Describe These Cannabis Seeds!


If you judge your sh*t by intensity, Skunk #1 Seeds will not disappoint! These are, without a dobut, the stinkiest, dankest beans on the planet with old-school power, very generous yields and a soaring head high that'll leave you totally satisfied but somehow begging for more. If you've never tried this classic, it's about time you did!


  • Columbian Gold X Acapulco Gold X Mexican Sativa
  • The 1st Stabilized Hybrid to Hit Amsterdam
  • Sativa Quality & Power without the Wait
  • Incredibly Popular for Nearly 50 Years

Seedsman stuck with the original formula to create these awesome regular seeds. Their Skunk #1 strain includes DNA from none other than original Acapulco Gold, the one & only Columbian Gold & a lesser known Mexican Sativa that old-timers know better as Red-Haired Sinse.

You've heard the stories. You've wished you were there. Isn't it about time you tried the real thing?

The Gorilla is a Skunk #1 connoisseur. He likes 'em regular, he likes 'em feminized & he likes'em extra cheap. That's why he's slapped the lowest price possible on these babies - right next to his big, fat stamp of approval. It's no secret he loves his beans when they reek!

Buy Your Skunk #1 Regular Seeds Now & Take a Big Whiff!


NB: It's also no secret that the smell of Skunk #1 is like perfume to a stoner's nose, but that's no reason to risk going to jail. Germination & cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK & most other places. Be safe, be dry, be dormant!



Indoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Acapulco Gold X Columbian Gold X Mexican Sativa
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Flavour Sweet
Aroma Intense
Mainly Sativa Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Skunk #1 Regular Seeds are part of the legendary Seedsman Brand. Operating out of the UK, Seedsman has earned a reputation as a top breeder in the cannabis community with a very affordable, rock-solid line of regular, feminized and fully autoflowering genetics. If you only want the best but don't want to overspend, Seedsman Seeds is the right choice for you - you will not be disappointed!