Early Pearl Regular

Early Flowering Outdoor Sativa

Sensi Seeds

For over 20 years, Sensi Seeds Early Pearl has been producing top shelf bud outdoors. Cannabis can flourish literally anywhere, but in the northern hemisphere, you needed acclimatised strains and early hybrids to achieve success and Sativas had little chance! Early pearl is the 1st Outdoor Sativa specifically designed for short summers.
  • Short Flowering Period
  • Designed For Short Summers
  • Indoors Or Out
  • 20% THC
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Product Details

Developed In The 80’s But Still Bang Up To Date

Producing high yielding, crystal covered nuggets outdoors was not impossible but very difficult until Sensi Seeds developed Early Pearl.

These seeds have a Sativa dominant side that has a high quality, energising buzz and the sturdiness and fast, heavy yield of an Indica making them a must have outdoor seed in Holland and similar climates.

Early Pearl aren’t just for the outdoors. They do just as well indoors but have the classic Sativa height and structure not everyone has the room for. These regular seeds are also ideal for breeding projects, adding the toughness and stability with Sensi Seeds, 1st rate genetics.

  • Short Flowering Period (50 - 70 days)
  • 75% Sativa
  • High Yields
  • Designed For Short Summers

Early Pearl buds give off a slightly sweet taste and smell. With a recorded THC content of 20%, the classic Sativa high can be expected but a smoother journey to the powerful, cerebral rush can be enjoyed, giving you time to settle in for a long lasting buzz.

Not to be confused with Auto flowering strains, these Early Pearl Seeds are a fast maturing variety. They're ideal for beginners and outdoors but deliver equally impressive yields & power inside with a quality even the most experienced will appreciate.

The Gorilla only recommends seeds from the top breeders with the best genetics, and these high yielding, powerful Early Pearl from Sensi Seeds are top of our list!

Don’t want to wait any longer? We completely understand and The Gorilla is just a few clicks away from picking, packing and posting your high quality weed seeds.

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NB: Seriously, Growing cannabis even for medical use is against the law and depending on your local regulations, carries severe penalties. We don’t want to see you incarcerated for having a good time – so don’t get these weed seeds wet!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Early Pearl is a fast-finishing Sativa from the Sensi Seeds brand. Sensi Seeds have a nice range of early flowering cannabis seeds like the Indica dominant Early Skunk and Early Girl. All Sensi Seeds strains come recommended by the Harvard professor Dr Grinspoon – not many seed banks can say that! Get yours here today.