First Lady Regular

Pure Afghani With A Timeless Flavour

Sensi Seeds

If you're after a pure Afghani seed-strain with a classic Indica structure and the timeless taste that dates back to the original Indica's of Afghanistan and Pakistan, then these are the seeds you're after. First Lady's strong Indica genetics, massive resin content and fast heavy yields of this traditional hashish producing strain has been enhanced over the centuries.
  • Pure Genetics
  • Regular Seeds
  • 95% Indica
  • Heavy Yields
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Product Details

Pure Genetics Over Hundreds Of Years

Afghanica strains of this purity, power and resin production have developed over hundreds of years and offer the original flavour and structure of times gone by with the vitality and power of current cannabis hybrids.

Sensi Seeds First Lady's phenotypes are extremely slight in appearance as the genetics are so pure and stable, and with even the most basic skills, this beginner friendly strain will reward even the greenest novice with a yield fit for an expert. Trouble free, stocky, strong and highly sought after for its resin production, Sensi Seeds have made a wise choice in preserving these quality seeds.

  • 95% Indica
  • Regular Seeds
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Genetically Pure

Typically, First Lady seeds will give the expected body stone of a high end Indica but with a warm medicated feeling, leaving the more experienced able to function. Don’t take on too many tasks as the relaxing buzz lasts a long time. It may enhance your senses and appetite, but it’s a strong Indica, better suited to relaxing or medication.

After a long day picking and packing your cannabis seeds soothing the stresses, aches and pains of one busy Ape!

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NB: Don't forget, these cannabis seeds are only sold as souvenirs and as collectables, they may be worth a lot of money by time you get out if prison, if you decide to get them wet. We're sure the day will come when it's cool to germinate, but for now DON'T DO IT!