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Pure Sativa Meets Pure Indica

Sensi Seeds

Fruity juice is an amazing hybrid strain, crossed from a pure Afghan Indica and a pure Thai Sativa. They couldn’t be further apart genetically and this is why it took Senis Seeds generations to create this one off special cannabis seed. It wasn’t an easy task with the selection, examination and testing of thousands of seeds, but they finally found what they were after and Fruity Juice was born.
  • XXXL Yields
  • 1st Class – F1 Hybrid
  • Regular Seeds
  • 55% Sativa / 45% Indica
  • Flowering Period 50 – 60 Days
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Product Details

The Best Of Both Worlds

Sensi Seeds Fruity Juice is the result of a very special breeding project. This F1 hybrid has taken the best qualities from both a pure bred Indica and a pure bred Sativa and both qualities are evident in this offspring.

These tall, handsome ladies can easily reach 3m outdoors and their thick- stemmed branches will bend under the weight of their dense, fragrant buds. Expect fantastic, XXXL yields indoors too as even smaller in height, they still produce a staggering bounty of nuggets with a powerful flavour and potent high, all thanks to its hybrid vigour.

  • 55% Sativa / 45% Indica
  • Flowering Period 50 - 60 Days
  • XXXL Yields
  • Regular Seeds
  • 1st Class - F1 Hybrid

It took a long time to perfect the unpredictable nature of a Thai - Afghani cross and Sensi Seeds had to experiment with thousands of offspring to find the ideal parents. But you don’t have to be as patient as the breeders. In only 50 - 60 days, you can enjoy the fruits of this first class strain. Besides the obvious flavours in the name, Fruity Juice has a sugary- resin flavour and has been describes as "tropical charas".

The Gorilla highly recommends these Fruity Juice Seeds. The yield and fragrance of this F1 hybrid would be enough for any primate, but the pure Sativa, Indica cross make these seeds an extra special must have.

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Pure F1 Thai-Afghani Hybrid - Get Yours Now!

NB: Cannabis seeds are only sold for collection and storage. Getting them wet is against the law in most places and doing so will only get you into hot water. Keep them cool, dry & in their original breeder's packs!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Thai – Afghani
Height Info tall
Flavour Sugary
Aroma Tropical Charas
Yield Good
Sativa / Indica ratio Sativa 55% Indica 45%
Fruity Juice Is another special creation from Sensi Seeds who produce some of the best quality weed seeds in the cannabis industry. The Harvard professor Dr Grinspoon has officially endorsed Sensi's medical qualities and with amazing strains like Hash Bomb, First Lady and Durban, you know he's not messing around! Get your Sensi Seeds here today!