Flowerbomb Kush

High Times Cannabis Cup Winner - 2012!

Strain Hunters

A real champion, this premium mix of Green Crack & OG Kush won three major championships right out the gate. Flowerbomb Kush is capable of putting out a full kilogram of flavour-packed smoke outside or an equally impressive 800 gr/m2 under the really bright lights. And, that's dried & in the bag, my friends!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Potent & Complex
  • 70% Indica: 30% Sativa
  • Multi-Layered Flavours
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Product Details

Hits the Body Hard & Fast Before Creeping Straight To Your Head!

Flowerbomb Kush Seeds are fairly new, but these mighty beans have already won first place at High Times, first place at the 420 Cup in Amsterdam & took 2nd at Copa Canarius!

It's easy to see why - these high-yielding resin factories offer ass-kicking effects paired with truly impressive volumes, complex layers of flavour & a scent that'll make your mouth drool in anticipation!

  • Flowerbomb Kush Yields 800 gr/m2 Inside/1 kg Outside
  • Sweeter & Fruitier in Dirt
  • Green Crack X OG Kush

These 100% feminized seeds deliver wave after crashing wave of flavour starting with a classic Kushy earth before moving on to a rainbow of fruit and ending with an edgy touch of spice that'll cleanse your palate so you can fully enjoy the next round of Stain Hunters' Flowerbomb Kush. Nothing boring here!

It's hard to beat the way Flowerbomb Kush smells on the vine - she can quickly fill a room with orange & rose scents overtop earthier Kush and a warm, spicy background. It's far from Skunk, but filters would still be a smart idea. Just saying.

The bud structure is irregular with a mixed bag of massive castle colas and gigantic foxtails - dense, lush & sticky with gooey resin extending all the way to the fan-tips by the end of the 8 week finish. If you can't tell yet, the entire Gorilla crew highly recommends the one & only Flowerbomb Kush Strain!

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NB: Considering a Flowerbomb Kush grow? Think twice, and don't do it. In most places including the UK, that would be a highly illegal act and against Gorilla Seed rules.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Green Crack X OG Kush
Flowering Time 8 weeks
THC Strong
Cannabis Cup HTCC, 420 Cup Amsterdam, Cupa Canarius
Cup Winner Yes
Flavour Earth, Fruit, Spices
Aroma Kush, Orange, Rose, Warm Spice
Yield Good
Yield Notes Up to 800 gr/m2 (1000 Watts) Inside - 1 kg/seed Outside
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 70% Indica: 30% Sativa
Greenhouse Yes
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