Choc Truffle Auto

OG Chocolate Thai X White Truffle

Terp Farmz

Created from a Chocolate Thai female and a carefully selected White Truffle Male and then backcrossed with an undisclosed Ruderalis, the resultant Choc Truffle Auto is magnificent.
  • OG Chocolate Thai X White Truffle
  • Chocolate, Cream
  • Euphoric & Happy
  • Potent & Strong

About Choc Truffle Auto

Choc Truffle Auto is the ONE. The only! An indulgent treat with a chocolaty sweet profile that’s deliciously rich and oozing with terpenes. Tremendous yields, soaring highs that will deliver a knockout punch. With Chocolate Truffle Auto you will get quality, flavour and yields with an exclusive chocolate twist .This unique terpene blend results in a classic creamy and chocolate taste that hits smoothly.

This Sativa autoflowering strain produces high quality product in 11 weeks from germination. An easy to grow strain. Choc Truffle Auto is a novice grower's dream plant. Due to the size of the buds and the short internodal spacing, branch support is required during the final phases before harvest. Expect the already insane trichome production to double up after week 9. The nuggets get completely caked in trichomes and delicious terpenes during the final days of maturing.

Choc Truffle Auto grows relatively tall, reaching 115cm and developing a long thick main stem and thick side branches that become filled with nuggets from top cola to root which will grow almost as tall as the main cola. Trimming up is easy work thanks to the high flower to leaf ratio.

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics OG Chocolate Thai X White Truffle
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC V.Strong
THC notes 33% THC
Height notes 100cm Indoors
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 11 Weeks Cycle
Aroma Chocolate, Cream
Yield Good
Yield Notes Heavy Yield
Greenhouse Yes

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