Original Cheerioz

Caryophyllene, Phytol, Linalool

Terp Farmz

Original Cheerioz, a visual charm with inviting aroma’s, delicate flavours coupled with an all-round balanced high which runs from creativity and inspiration through to calming relaxation.
  • Inviting and Energising
  • Earthy, Citrus Zest
  • Visually Stunning
  • Ice Cream Oz x Cheerios F2

About Original Cheerioz

Abundant terpenes are Caryophyllene, Phytol and Linalool. The flavours are wholesome and tantalising. The earthy aroma is a lively blend of sweetness combined with tangy citrus zest and a hint of vanilla that provides a surprising yet delicious twist.

Mature buds are a beautiful patchwork of colours, a lively palette of deep forest greens, contrasted by a smattering of sunset orange pistils. A layer of milky trichomes covers these buds, creating a frosted blanket of THC.

The high is full of energised cerebral uplift and social motivation. As it progresses, it evolves into a stage of calming body relaxation.

Original Cheerioz reaches up to 130cm. It develops a beautiful structure with an evident Indica dominance that’s easy to see in the robust branching, wide fan leaves, and overall stocky structure.

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Ice Cream Oz x Cheerios F2
Flowering Time 7 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 26% THC
Flavour Tangy Citrus, Vanilla
Yield Notes 450 grams/m2
Mainly Sativa Yes
Greenhouse Yes

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