Alien DonutZ Seeds

Terp Treez

Welcome to the intergalactic garden of wonders with our stellar creation, Alien DounutZ Seeds. (Alien Cookies x Kush Mints) x Z3. Prepare for a cosmic journey with this hybrid masterpiece that boasts a flower cycle of 9 to 11 weeks, showcasing unparalleled structure and mind-bending potency.
  • Alien DounutZ Seeds
  • (Alien Cookies x Kush Mints) x Z3
  • 24-26% THC
  • 500-650g/m2
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Product Details

This celestial fusion showcases an otherworldly terpene profile, blending the best of Alien Cookies and Kush Mints genetics. Brace yourself for a symphony of terpenes dancing through the air, offering a sensory experience like no other. Delight in the luscious flavors of minty sweetness harmonizing with earthy undertones, while the aroma tantalizes the senses with a fusion of Z3 freshness and subtle hints of citrus.

Crafted for connoisseurs seeking the ultimate sensory escape, this strain promises an ethereal adventure. Elevate your game and embark on a voyage to the outer realms of cannabis euphoria with Alien DounutZ.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics (Alien Cookies x Kush Mints) x Z3
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 24-26%
Yield Notes 500-650g/m2
Greenhouse Yes
With Terp Treez constant search for the latest phenotypes, the latest cannabis seeds provide unique attributes along with rare and potent terpenes. This brand has been created by a professional team of breeders that offer a range that is both unique and innovative in its approach.