Marionberry Kush

Marion Barry or Marionberry?

TGA Subcool Seeds

Is there a difference? Yes, my friend, there is. Marion Barry is the much loved, crack-smoking DC mayor who was re-elected to office after doing time for drug charges. Marionberry is a special kind of blackberry. Whichever Subcool chose, it's all good! Marionberry Kush is nearly addictive, it's hard as a rock, it's most definitely fruity and it'll leave you satisfied, but always wanting more. You'll do more than love it, you'll crave it like a fiend!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Impressive THC Levels
  • Distinctive Fruit Flavour
  • Maximum Bag Appeal
  • Space Queen Hybrid
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Product Details

Deep, Heavy Full Body Stones & Mild Psychedelic Highs

Marionberry Kush Seeds soothe the body and free the soul with an unstoppable power thanks to a full 23.6% THC & a mere 0.6% CBD. All your aches, pains & mental worries will go up in smoke (or vapour) leaving you fully relaxed, totally chill and clear minded. Imbibe in moderation for a steady, manageable feeling you can enjoy all day long.

  • Finish Time = 55 to 65 Days
  • 40% Sativa; 60% Indica - Great Balance
  • Short to Medium Heights - Good Yields
  • Very Strong - Tested at 23.6% THC

Next to the killer effects, we love this strain best for her sensational flavours! These weed seeds are decidedly fruity, tasting predominantly like berries with lighter notes of mango, passionfruit, and some would even say there's a touch of raspberry lemonade mixed in with the musky-sweet kushness of it all. We just call it awesome!

According to TGA Subcool, MK has 6 different phenos, but they're all incredibly good & very similar - very fruity with gobs of frost, but the colours can vary from purple to pink to light green. Even though you can't toke colour, everyone's favourite is the purple - that's your keeper!

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NB: Don't try to germinate or cultivate your new Marionberry Kush Seeds or you could end up just like the real Marion Barry - doing time! Growing cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK & most other countries.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Raspberry Kush X Space Queen
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 23.6%
Height Info medium
Flavour Fruity - Smooth & Clear, Varies from Passionfruit to Mango to Raspberry Lemonade
Aroma Berries with Notes of Earth & Musk
Yield Average
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 60% Indica; 40% Sativa
Greenhouse Yes
Marionberry Kush is a highly sought-after cannabis seed created by the TGA Subcool Seeds brand. Based in the United States, TGA Genetics is known for their precise breeding program and outstanding genetics. They only supply regular seeds at this time, but there's nothing regular about these babies - they're wicked good! Do yourself a favour & stock up while you can - there's absolutely nothing like a genuine TGA Subcool Seed.