Orange Creamsicle Flavour - Best Medical Sativa Ever!

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Jillybean Seeds taste great & feel even better! As the Best Medical Sativa on the High Times Top 10 List for 2007, this champion has vibrant highs that lift bad moods instantly with an immediate sense of euphoria that'll plaster a smile on your face no matter how bad your day might have been. Good times!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 21.9% THC - Very Strong
  • 60% Sativa - Euphoric
  • Fruit Flavour - Tasty!
  • Medical Grade - Hi Quality
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About Jillybean

Orange Skunk x Space Queen - An Explosion of Orange, Pineapple & Mango!

Jillybean is a simple name for a very complex strain created by the now legendary TGA Subcool Seeds! An extremely dank Orange Skunk gifted to MzJill paired beautifully with TGA's Pineapple/Mango flavoured Space Queen to create a new fan favourite. If bright Sativa highs are your thing, you will not be disappointed!

  • Jillybean Finish Time = 8 Weeks
  • Short, Stocky & High Yielding - Oversized Tops
  • Very Consistent - Little Variation Between Seeds
  • High THC - Euphoric, Energetic, Mood Lifting

Jillybean Seeds have a rich flavour that can vary from orange to Tang to apples based on pheno & environment, but most say it tastes just like an Orange Creamsicle - remember those? Orange sherbert wrapped around a creamy, vanilla ice-cream center. Yum, Yum - Gimme Some!

Subcool says top the Jillybean strain once & you'll get plenty of sturdy branches & massive tops. This is a very consistent breed that's won a ton of awards including a place on the High Times Top 10 List for 2007 & 2nd best Shatter at the People's Choice Cup. But, why take their word for it? Try Jillybean & find out for yourself!

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Buy Jillybean Seeds Today & Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

NB: A Jillybean grow would be just as epic as this amazing cannabis seed, but it would also be very illegal. Stay on the right side of the law & the right side of The Gorilla. Keep your new beans dry & dormant just like a good souvenir should be!

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Orange Skunk X Space Queen
Flowering Time 8 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 21.9%
Cannabis Cup People's Choice, High Times Top 10
Cup Winner Yes
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info Mood Lifting
Height Info short
Flavour Orange, Tangerine, Candy, Apple, Mango, Pineapple, Creamsicle
Yield Good
Mainly Sativa Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 60% Sativa; 40% Indica
Greenhouse Yes
Jillybean is an award-winning cannabis seed created by the TGA Subcool Seeds brand. Highly sought-after by weed seed fans around the globe, TGA Subcool believes in open source breeding where information & full results including lab reports are freely shared. All seeds are non-feminized photoperiod beans you can depend on to be stable, reliable and very homogenous. Get your authentic TGA Subcool Seeds today!
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