Sage N Sour

The Match of the Century!

TH Seeds

Talk about a great idea! Sage ‘N Sour brings together TH Seeds’ best girl, S.A.G.E., and the legendary Sour Diesel. The brilliant pairing makes Sage ‘N Sour an unstoppable force! Her heritage sets her up to have mouth watering flavour, incomparable yields & staggering effects. This is not your average hybrid - S&S is top shelf!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Up To 350 gr/m2
  • Can Get Huge
  • Flavour, Power & Yield!
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Product Details

Check Out This West Coast/East Coast Hook-Up!

TH Seeds bred their signature S.A.G.E. strain with East-Coast favourite Sour Diesel to create one bad-ass hybrid, Sage 'N Sour, resulting in outrageous flavour, hammering power & epic yields!

  • Best-Seller at TH Seeds for 15 Continuous Years
  • Sage 'N Sour Yield = 350 gr/m2 Under Optimal Conditions
  • Great for Hydro - Need We Say More?

Sage 'N Sour Seeds can get massive (practically tree sized), so plan well and give these killers the space they need. The TH breeders recommend these babies for hydro, but they'll do well in a variety of environments & conditions. Enjoy!

Gorillas are not typically known for their helpfulness, but our big ape is the exception to the rule. He wants to make everyone happy and, as such, employs an exceptional team of customer service representatives to assist you with any issues you may have with your cannabis seed order. Just don't ask us about how to complete a Sage 'N Sour grow - that's illegal & we'll have to hang up on you, delete your email or de-friend you.

Pick Up a Near Legend - Order Sage ‘N Sour Cannabis Seeds Now!

NB: We know you’re going to love these high-quality weed seeds, but don’t get any crazy ideas. These seeds are not for growing. Keep them safely tucked away and admire them at your leisure.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics S.A.G.E. X Sour Diesel
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC Strong
Height Info tall
Height notes 120 to 140 cm
Flavour Intense!
Yield Average
Yield Notes Up to 350 gr/m2
Mainly Sativa Yes
Greenhouse Yes
"TH Seeds is one of the most innovative breeders you'll ever find in Amsterdam or any other corner of the weed world. In addition to winning countless awards, TH Seeds has pioneered a new breeding process called ""Teslaponics"" that uses a break-through electrical stimulation process to boost yields, shorten finishes & amp up power ratings. They've been in business since 1993 and we expect them to stick around for years to come. Discover true genetic diversity with your own selection of high-powered TH Seeds - Order today!"