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TH Seeds used two of Cali's best strains to come up with this mixed hybrid masterpiece - S.A.G.E. & OG Kush. The Sativa influence lightens the devastating Kush to create massive sandalwood-flavoured buds that will let you chill without putting you into the notorious Kush coma.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 2005 High Times Winner
  • Mixed Hybrid
  • Up To 400 gr/m2!
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Product Details

Kushage Takes Up To 70 Days, But The Yield Makes It Soooo Worth It!


Like most Sativa-heavy hybrids, Kushage Seeds take their time after the flip - but the tradeoffs are amazing! The buds will be massive, the yield ginormous & the shapes elegant enough to satisfy the harshest critic. These weed seeds are truly to die for!

  • Kushage Flowering Time Averages 66 to 70 Days
  • Yield is Up to 400 gr/m2 - Very Generous!
  • Clear, Creative Highs Meet Deeply Relaxing OG Stones

TH Seeds Kushage retains S.A.G.E.'s delightfully spicy flavour for a pleasant taste that lingers on your palate for what seems like hours. Make sure you have plenty of room for this hardcore breed if you're working indoors - the height is 125 to 150 cm on average.

Kushage took 3rd place at the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup, and it's easy to see why - but that doesn't mean The Gorilla will charge you a bundle for this superstar! You'll get the best prices & the fastest shipping when you shop Gorilla Seeds.

Grab Your Kushage Cannabis Seeds Today & Find Out What It's All About!

NB: This Kushage Strain Review is based entirely on TH Seeds' original breeder specs. No marijuana seeds were harmed in the writing of this product description.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics S.A.G.E. X OG Kush
Flowering Time 10-12 weeks
THC Strong
Cannabis Cup 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup
Cup Winner Yes
Height notes 125 to 150 cm
Flavour Sandalwood
Aroma Pine
Yield Good
Yield Notes Up To 400 gr/m2
Greenhouse Yes
"TH Seeds is one of the most innovative breeders you'll ever find in Amsterdam or any other corner of the weed world. In addition to winning countless awards, TH Seeds has pioneered a new breeding process called ""Teslaponics"" that uses a break-through electrical stimulation process to boost yields, shorten finishes & amp up power ratings. They've been in business since 1993 and we expect them to stick around for years to come. Discover true genetic diversity with your own selection of high-powered TH Seeds - Order today!"