Northern Lights Auto

How Much Easier Do You Want It?

Vision Seeds

Northern Lights Auto was a total no-brainer for Vision Seeds. With this move, they took an already super-easy cannabis seed and made it practically idiot proof. Still as forgiving as ever, Northern Lights Auto gets right down to it for a extremely rapid 8 week finish from seed with an amazing 20% THC rating.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • 20% THC - Extra Potent
  • 30-50 gr/seed
  • 8 Weeks Total
  • Buy Northern Lights Auto!
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Product Details

Northern Lights Auto Takes All the Guesswork Out of High-Powered Weed Seeds!

The original Northern Lights has long been recognized as the simplest cannabis seed on the planet, but Vision Seeds Northern Lights Auto just made this breed insanely easy. If you can't handle NLA, hang up your bong & go home!

  • Northern Lights Auto is the Quintessential Beginner Strain
  • 20% THC, Up to 50 gr/seed, 8 Weeks from Seed
  • Nearly Narcotic with Neutral Aromas & Sweet, Skunky Flavours

Northern Lights Auto is a robust mix of the original NL & a high-performand Mexican Ruderalis. THC measures in at a very impressive 20%, yields are equally generous at up to 50 gr/seed & this total bad-ass can go from bean to blaze in just 8 short weeks.

Plus, Northern Lights Auto's near narcotic effects will relax your mind, your body & your soul. Don't pass this one up or you'll kick your own ass for missing out!

The Gorilla might be a giant nutter, but he knows the law. To stay out of trouble, keep your new Northern Light Auto Seeds completely dry & dormant. It's illegal in most parts of the world to cultivate or germinate these cannabis seeds. Gorilla Seeds' product descriptions refers to the traits of the mother rather than anything we sell.

Work Smarter Not Harder - Buy Northern Lights Auto Seeds Now!


NB: Not a fan of fully autoflowering seeds? No problem! Vision Seeds has you covered with their more traditional Northern Lights, a photoperiod version that's almost as fast. With this choice, you need a little more experience so that you pick the best time to flip, but if you're a total control freak, it's what you want. The price is awesome on these hot little mamas too thanks to The Gorilla. Why not get both?



Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Northern Lights X Mexican Ruderalis
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC V.Strong
THC notes 20%
Height Info short
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 8 Weeks
Flavour Neutrual with a Sweet & Slightly Skunky Aftertaste
Aroma Neutral
Yield Average
Yield Notes 30-50 gr/seed
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Northern Lights Auto is a high-quality autoflowering seed created by the Vision Seeds brand. Operating out of Amsterdam, Vision Seeds is the go-to source for cannabis fans of all experience levels. The genetics are top-notch, but the prices are at rock-bottom lows. And that, my friend, is the perfect combination! Order your genuine Vision Seeds today - you will not be disappointed.