World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder Autoflowering Feminized

Afghan Kush Ryder Combines Wild Power with Tame Automatic Capabilities

World of Seeds

For an exotic mix of natural genetics and bio-engineering, go with Afghan Kush Ryder! This updated strain adds just the right twist to the original landrace strain to turn it into an autoflowering powerhouse!
  • Feminized
  • World of Seeds Autoflowering
  • Sky-High 22% THC
  • 45 to 55 Day Finish No Matter What!
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Product Details

It’s true that the World of Seeds’ breeders harnessed the power of the original Kush to turn it into a slightly tamer automatic, but don’t let Afghan Kush Ryder fool you. Her sky-high THC levels are not for the faint of heart. If you’re not careful, she could super-glue you to the couch for an entire day!

If Afghan Kush Ryder Seeds get the best of you, never fear! Just make sure The Gorilla’s free sweets are within reach when the munchies kick in!

  • The Perfect Mix of Raw Indica and Pure Ruderalis 
  • Automatic Power that Works in 45 to 55 Days Even if You’re Cannabis Challenged!
  • Peak THC Ratings Measure in at a Beastly 22%
  • Potent Medicinal Strain to Fix You Right UP

Can you smell that? The Gorilla enjoys the intense incense-like aroma of World of Seeds’ Afghan Kush Ryder so much that he uses it to cover up that jungly smell he gets at the end of a long day packing up orders and sending them out the door.

Making sure he never lets his customers down is hard work, but nothing is too much for the Big Man when it comes to his little monkeys.

Get Autoflowering Afghan Kush Ryder Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

Don’t be surprised when you open your order of Afghan Kush Ryder and don’t see seeds that match this description. We’ll send you the real thing, but they’re meant for collection purposes only. Don’t get in trouble by attempting to cultivate or germinate your new beans.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics afghan kush / rudelaris
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC V.Strong
THC notes 22%
Medical Yes
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 45-55 days
Indoor Yield 250 - 350 gr/m indoor
Outdoor Yield 25 - 35 gr/plant outdoor
Mainly Indica Yes
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