World of Seeds Afghan Kush x White Widow Feminized

Afghan Kush X White Widow is a Naughty Mix of Kushy Crystals!

World of Seeds

Afghan Kush X White Widow really packs a punch with a double dose of sticky crystals and intense medicinal potential! Shade your eyes when Afghan Kush X White Widow is in the house! This one is blindingly strong!
  • Feminized
  • World of Seeds
  • Indica Dominant for Intense Physical Properties!
  • Highly Medicinal for a Soothing Experience!
  • 450 gr/m2 to 900 gr/seed Yields
  • Healthy, Hardy and Mould Resistant
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Product Details

White Widow has been a terrible influence on Afghan Kush. She’s taught this good girl how to be oh-so-bad! But, The Gorilla knows you like it dirty!

Afghan Kush X White Widow pumps out a double dose of THC-laced crystals for supremely resinous medicinal weed! When you see that glow, you know you’re in for a wild and wicked ride.

  • An Intensely Physical Indica-Dominant Strain
  • Entirely Encased in White Crystals – Strong and Gleaming!
  • Extremely Medicinal for a Soothing Evening
  • Sticky Nuggs Give UP the Good Stuff at 450 gr/m2 to 900 gr/seed!

Widow strains are a Gorilla favourite, but dishing out tasty cannabis seeds alone isn’t enough to satisfy the Big Man! He always gives you more free stuff than anyone else to keep you coming back for more.

We think Afghan Kush X White Widow is quite enough, but we can’t stop The Gorilla once he gets going! He packs everything he can get his paws on in those discreet mailers.

Get Wicked-Good Afghan Kush X White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

Afghan Kush X White Widow Seeds are extremely beautiful, but your order won’t look like this description. Instead, you’ll receive a genuine set of cannabis seeds suitable for collection purposes. UK law restricts usage and does not allow for cultivation or germination of your new items.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics afghan kush / white widow
THC Strong
THC notes 15%
Medical Yes
Indoor Yield 350-450 gr
Outdoor Yield 900 gr
Mainly Indica Yes
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