World of Seeds Mazar x White Rhino Feminized

Can You Take the Pounding Thunder of Mazar X White Rhino?

World of Seeds

From the deepest part of Africa, near The Gorilla’s home turf, Mazar X White Rhino rules supreme! With plenty of sticky THC and a mesmerizing effect, this beast has the power to tame the wildest cravings!
  • Feminized
  • World of Seeds
  • Savage THC – 20%
  • Medicinal
  • High Yields Range from 600 gr/m2 to 900 gr/seed
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Product Details

Only the cannabis strong can withstand the charge when Mazar X White Rhino is on the move! Glowing with reflective, white crystals and wielding a 20% THC rating, this is one powerful beast – definitely not for the weak of heart.

Combining Indica-dominant features with generous levels of CBD, Mazar X White Rhino Seeds are almost hypnotizing. Perfect for periods of introspection or meditation, this strain is pure relaxation combined with savage power!

  • Indica Dominant for Powerful Medicinal Potential
  • Pounding 20% THC Levels
  • Astounding Yields That Snort at Mould and Disease 
  • White and Resinous with a Strong Afghani Background!

Once upon a time, The Gorilla and Mazar X White Rhino Feminized shared the same stomping grounds. Through this relationship, this duo bumped hairy head and massive horn until they agreed to sell these cannabis seeds at an amazingly low price! Before this tempestuous female changes her mind, snag your own set of authentic cannabis seeds along with a swag bag filled to the brim with free stuff!

Get Relaxing Mazar X White Rhino Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

Shhh! If you listen closely, you can hear Mazar X White Rhino approach your door! Actually, it’s just the postman with your next day shipment. When you open the discreetly packed mailer, don’t be surprised at what you see. Our cannabis seeds are in a dormant state and won’t look like this description. Because UK law prohibits cultivation and germination, your new items are only suitable for collection purposes.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Mazar / White Rhino
THC V.Strong
THC notes 20%
Medical Yes
Indoor Yield 400-600 gr
Outdoor Yield 900 gr
Mainly Indica Yes
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