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Feed Your Inner Warrior with South African Kwazulu Seeds!

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A wild, landrace strain from the farthest reaches of the dark continent, South African Kwazulu is a Shaka Zulu favourite. With a single taste, the power of South African Kwazulu puts you in touch with your inner warrior.
  • Feminized
  • World of Seeds
  • 20% THC
  • Mould and Pest Resistant
  • 550 gr/m2 to 500 gr/seed

About World of Seeds South African Kwazulu Feminized

The warrior-farmers of the Shaka Zulu tribe have used this pure, landrace strain for eons to prepare for battle. Now, you can bring this power home with potent South African Kwazulu Seeds!

A rare Sativa, South African Kwazulu is an uplifting, energizing strain that enhances endurance and performance. If you’d like to take the edge off while still doing your best, try this proven winner!

  • Championship Landrace Strain – A Pure Winner
  • Promotes Energy and Endurance – Very Active
  • 20% THC – Goes All Day Long!
  • Direct from South Africa – A Shaka Zulu Favourite!

The Gorilla definitely has an in with South African Kwazulu Feminized. With his connections, he didn’t even have to whack anyone with a green banana to get the best price going on these cannabis seeds. While he’s at it, he’ll toss in next-day delivery, free stuff and top-notch customer service as a bonus.

Get Savage South African Kwazulu Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

When South African Kwazulu hits your door, don’t be surprised. All the inner fierceness is there, but it has to stay hidden. Your new seeds won’t look like this description, and they’re only meant as a souvenir. Germination and cultivation are illegal in the UK and many other areas.

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
THC V.Strong
Medical Yes
Flowering Outdoors Ready by midivive of October
Indoor Yield 350gr
Outdoor Yield 450-500gr
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