Big Bud Auto

Improved yields, Bigger Buds, Faster Flowering!

Fast Buds

Easy to grow, big Buds, fast flowering automatic, high THC! Fastbuds have all your dreams wrapped up into 1 convenient package, Easy Bud Auto.
  • Sweet skunky floral terp profile
  • 500g/m2 Yields
  • 9 weeks flowering
  • Big Bud Auto
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Product Details

Fast Buds Big Bud Auto is a new verion of the famous classic, only this time round fastbuds have improved the yeilds, increased the size of the buds, upgraded the high and have made Big Bud Auto even easier to grow!

  • Big Buds
  • Fast flowering
  • East to grow
  • Fast Buds Big Bud Auto

Perfect for beginners, Big Bud Auto will give you top results with hardly any maintenance or fine-tuning, that's right 500 g/m2 or prize-winning massive buds can be easily obtained in under 9 weeks from seed. 23% THC, Big Bud Auto is a mainly Indica strain that provides a pleasant and calm head high which turns into a relaxing body experience, will relax your body, and relieves muscle tightness and soreness. Consuming too much of Big Bud Auto is destined for couch lock and sleepy nights, so go easy unless that's your intention.

Fast Growing, super high yielding - Bug bud auto is a large plant growing between 90 and 120cm, despite its size it is easy to manage which is down to this strain's stocky and bushy structure. Big Bud Auto is a robust and Sturdy plant with lots of large green big buds. Buds have dark brow hairs when mature with swollen small calyxes and a good bud-to-leaf ratio meaning they can be trimmed without stress.

Big Bud Auto tastes sweet fresh fruits, and the floral mix of terps is sweet and skunky turning into a piney and earthy flavor as you exhale.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Sativa 70%/Indica 30%
Flowering Time 10 weeks
Height Info tall
Height notes 100 – 140 cm
Auto flowering Yes
Flavour Pine, Floral, Lemon, Woody
Greenhouse Yes
Six Shooter Auto is a commercial-grade autoflowering seed carefully crafted & refined by the Fast Buds brand. With a global presence, Fast Buds is quickly taking over the seed trade with high-performance AutoFems based on the most in-demand West Coast strains. If you're looking for a top-trending weed seed, Fast Buds either has it now or will soon. Get yours today!