Auto Pounder

All Hail the King of Autos!

Auto Seeds

It is abundantly clear when you meet this Auto Seeds star that it is something a bit special. It’s just a bit different. For instance, unlike most Autoflowering seeds, this has the gorgeous properties of non-autos such as Big Bud and Power Plant. It’s like the big smart kid in the corner of the playground, which everyone is a bit afraid of but when they get to know him, they find out he’s the best!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Ferocious Strain
  • King Autoflowerer
  • Excellent for Beginners
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Product Details

Auto Pounder is One to Watch

Not least because he’s quick like a fox, but also because he will take over your house and steal your girlfriend before you can find out what the Greek word is for ‘cannabis’ on Google. In all seriousness, this strain of auto seed will astonish you and as a result, will make for a fascinating addition to your collection.

  • Auto Pounder - That Says It All!
  • Medium/High Strength
  • Huge Popularity
  • Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
  • Rapid Delivery

If you think this strain of cannabis seed moves fast, you should see how quickly Gorilla Seed Bank can process your order and get it to your door. It is really important to the team that you can rely on us to get you your order asap, which is why we’ve worked hard to perfect our dispatch process so we never keep you waiting longer than necessary to get your marijuana seeds through you door.

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NB: Sorry, we can’t accept orders from anyone who intends to use these seeds for the powers of evil. It’s against the law and is also generally just not cool. Mmmkay.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Auto #1 X Big Bud X Power Plant
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC Average
Height notes 60-100 cm
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 70 to 80 Days from Seed
Flavour Sweet & Fruity
Yield Good
Yield Notes Nearly 1 Pound per Square Meter
Sativa / Indica ratio Mixed
Greenhouse Yes
Auto Pounder is one of the most impressive cannabis seeds in the Auto Seeds lineup. Auto Seeds is a relatively new brand that's already made a name for itself by supplying the world with a new kind of autoflowering seed that makes collecting easy enough for beginners & productive enough to satisfy the high demands of the most experienced customer. Step up your game with authentic Auto Seeds today!