Grape Muerto Auto


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Roughly translated to Purple Death, Grape Muerto Auto is an astonishingly good new cannabis seed created by the one & only Barney's Farm. These medical seeds are full of couchlocking power with low THC & high CBD plus they taste great - just what the doctor ordered!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Tastes Like Grape & Apricot
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Product Details

Who Can Pass on Herb that Tastes Like Dried Apricots & Juicy Ripe Grapes?


Not The Gorilla, that's for sure. He was scarfing it down soon as this Barney's Farm special hit our warehouse. No worries - there's plenty more where those autoflowering seeds came from. Get your Grape Muerto Auto while the getting is good!

  • Fully Autoflowering Medicinal Cannabis Seeds
  • Smells Like Silky Musk & Tastes Like Apricots & Grapes
  • Short & Stocky - Very Low Profile

Grape Muerto Autoflowering has a lot more to offer than just an outstanding new flavour combination. These 100% feminized seeds are easy to manage with a short, stocky frame that's easy to hide. The effects are creative & inspiring, the yields are high & the CBD is massive for high medicinal properties. She's one helluva automatic!

The Gorilla stopped hogging the Grape Muerto Seeds just long enough to make sure our prices were extra low on these bad mama jammas! Get these marijuana seeds for a steal today.

Order Your Grape Muerto Autoflowering Seeds Today - They're Great!

NB: If you can taste the Grape Muerto already, stop & think before you act. It's illegal to germinate, cultivate, grow or otherwise your new souvenir weed seeds. Keep 'em dry & dormant for your own safety.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Grapefruit X Skunk#1 X Ruderalis
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC Minimal
THC notes 12-15%
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info Physically Relaxing
Height Info short
Height notes 50cm
Flavour Grapes & Dried Apricots
Aroma Musk
Yield Good
Yield Notes 25-50gr
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio Mainly Indica
Greenhouse Yes
Grape Muerto is a 100% feminised, Autoflowering, medical-grade weed seed, packed with the healing power of CBD and a healthy dose of THC. Barneys Farm’s breeding programmes are legendary in the cannabis community for producing high quality, cup winning seeds, so do yourself a favour and buy your own winner today.