Big Buddha Cheesus Feminized

Cheesus Feminized, the Newly Crowned Lord of Cannabis!

Big Buddha Seeds

Cheesus Feminized is considered the son of God, God Bud that is! You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven when this divine new strain ushers you into the cult of cannabis!
  • Big Buddha
  • Big Buddha Cheese x God Bud
  • Done in 9 to 11 Weeks!
  • Feminized
  • Indica Dominant
  • Medicinal
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Product Details

A new-school hybrid, Big Buddha Cheesus is a completely different experience! This Indica-dominant strain has left heavy Skunk behind to take on a lighter, fresher flavour. Old stoners may not even recognize the spicy, frankincense scent or the light floral/fruity flavour. With just a taste, you’ll become a dedicated disciple of Cheesus!

The Son of God Bud!

Although the Gorilla only sells Cheesus Feminized, we can’t seem to break the cycle of calling this new hybrid the Son of God Bud. However, our seeds are all woman. If you’re not ready to buy the immaculate conception bit, we won’t try to sell it. After all, Big Buddha Cheesus Feminized is the result of a powerful union between a powerful God Bud male from BC Bud Depot out of Canada and the UK’s own Big Buddha Cheese.

Big Buddha Cheesus Feminized

Our ladies are a hard-working lot! They pump out trichome after holy trichome of THC goodness. As the flavour envelopes your senses, the lavender, berry, pine and cheese shower you with a euphoric, uplifting effect that brightens your mood and your soul. It’s been said that sharing Cheesus with your friends leads to good karma!

Order Big Buddha Cheesus Feminized Cannabis Seeds today!

The Gorilla has tried very hard to keep a sense of humour without offending anyone’s personal beliefs during this discussion, but he won’t spare your feelings by not telling the truth about this product. We sell genuine cannabis seeds, but your order of Cheesus won’t look like what we’ve described. Instead, these items are intended for collection purposes only. Don’t break the law in the UK or anywhere else by cultivating or germinating cannabis seeds.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Big Budivha Cheese (UK) x Godbud (BC Bud Depot) Canada
Flowering Time 9-11 weeks
Flowering Outdoors Beginning of November
Mainly Indica Yes
Big Buddha Cheesus Feminised is huge yielding, Indica dominant God Bud crossed with Big Buddha Cheese. Big Buddha is blessed with creating the best cheese strains on the planet like Blue Cheese, Cheisel and Bubble Cheese. If you’re a lover of the Cheese, then Big Buddha is the cheesiest cheese maker of them all – get yours here!