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The Kali is an ancient strain filled with mysterious power. As Kali’s lemony flavour washes over your palate, you’ll bow down and hail The Kali as Supreme Goddess of Cannabis!
  • Big Buddha Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Lemony and Strong
  • Pure Indica Kush
  • Rare Landrace Genetics
  • Very Cerebral
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According to Indian legends, The Kali is the end of the world. We think Big Buddha’s The Kali is the end-all, be-all of cannabis seeds, but if we’re wrong – what a way to go! As a rare landrace strain, this pure Indica is full of raw, undiluted power!

The Kali is a Powerful, Lemony Favourite

Delivered straight from the fields of Afghanistan and Pakistan in its pure state, The Kali Feminized is the perfect choice for anyone who misses the old weed from the late 70s/early 80s. The lemony/fuel aroma and fresh, citrus flavour is different from anything you’ve ever experienced, and the uplifting, euphoric effect is known to last all day long. An authentic Afghani Kush, Big Buddha’s The Kali is short and fat with some of the heaviest trichomes you’ve ever seen!

What’s a Landrace Anyway?

A landrace strain is a breed that once grew wild. Taken from its natural habitat and cultivated on farms, it was isolated by space and geography to prevent any type of crossbreeding. In many cases, these purebreds have produced consistent results for hundreds of years. Now, The Kali has been taken out of the backcountry and made available to collectors everywhere!

Buy Big Buddha The Kali Feminized Cannabis Seeds Today!

To the Gorilla, discovering an authentic landrace strain like The Kali is about the same as discovering buried treasure! But, he’d never let you think you were getting more than what’s really coming to you. Your order will include an authentic set of dormant cannabis seeds suitable for collection, but they won’t look like what we’ve described above. You can display The Kali on your mantle, but don’t try to germinate or cultivate these seeds. It’s illegal in the UK and almost every other country.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Pure Landrace Afghan/Pakistan Indica, Clone only.
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
Flowering Outdoors End of October
Mainly Indica Yes
Big Buddha’s The Kali is a rare, pure Indica Kush with a long lasting, narcotic high and a strong, lemony fuel taste. With world famous strains like Blue cheese, G-Bomb and Freeze Cheese 89, Big Buddha has become a legend in the cannabis industry. Now you can own your own legendary strains from the UK’s favourite breeder- get yours here.