Cluster Bomb Feminised

Bomb Seeds

Custer Bomb has a unique structure - small internodal spacing promotes an abundance of bud forming sites. Bud to leaf ratio is good making this ideal for commercial collectors.
  • 700-800g/m2!
  • 7-9 weeks!
  • 15-20% THC
  • Skunk #1 X Cinderella 99
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Product Details

High Expectations? You should choose Cluster Bomb.

Cluster Bomb has everything you would expect from Bomb Seeds plus more! Just when you thought you'd seen it all, Bomb Seeds decided to rock the seed game with their latest offering 'Cluster Bomb'!

As with all the Bomb Seeds range, Cluster Bomb will knock you for six! Her genetics descend from Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 crossed with Female Seeds Cinderalla 99 and then backcrossed with Bomb Seeds very own trusty Bomb #1. Thanks to the Cinderalla 99 genetics, Cluster Bomb is ready earlier than most high yielding strains..

Her mainly Indica ratio gives Cluster Bomb a shorter and denser structure coupled with a high bud to leaf ratio making this one particularity favourable amongst commercial collectors. Thanks to some well selected genetics internodal spacing is kept to a minimum promoting an abundance of bud forming sites hence large number of clusters.

Up to 800g/m2 can be obtained in ideal conditions, THC is also through the roof and recorded at over 20%.

Please note that this description for Cluster Bomb is based on the original description from Bomb Seeds which describes the mother plant from which theseseeds were derived. Germination of cannabis seeds is forbidden, seeds are sold strictly for collection purposes only. Please read our legal disclaimer for more information on this policy.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Skunk #1 X Cinderella 99
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC Strong
Height notes 90-140cm
Flowering Outdoors Sep-Oct
Yield Good
Yield Notes 700-800g/m2
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