Ice Bomb Feminised

A Frosty Mix of Three Potent Super Strains!

Bomb Seeds

Get ready for the deep freeze! Completely encased is frosty resin, Ice Bomb combines Vanilla Kush, White Rhino & Bomb Seeds own Bomb #1 for the perfect genetic superstorm. THC consistently measures in at a highly potent 22%, yields are insane at 500 gr/m2 on average & Ice Bomb does all this & more in just 7 short weeks. Amazing!
  • Stupidly High Yields 500g/m²+
  • World-Class Indica
  • High THC - 22%!
  • Freaky Fast - 7 to 9 Weeks

About Ice Bomb Feminised

 Ice Bomb Hits Hard & Fast with a Blizzard of Frozen THC

Cabin fever's never been this sweet! Amped up with 22% THC, Ice Bomb Seeds practically explode in a heavy layer of diamond-like crystals & dank, rocky nuggs. You'll never want to dig out of this snow bank!

Ice Bomb Feminized is a super-hybrid created by crossing luscious Vanilla Kush, super-potent White Rhino & high-performance Bomb #1. This stellar marijuana seed is an exciting new genetic mix that's infused with a blend of rich chocolate and just a touch of sweet vanilla.

A classic Indica-dominant strain, Ice Bomb Cannabis Seeds remain short, bushy & manageable from flip to finish with massive tops & bulky sides. Definitely a high-performance bean, these sub-zero beauties easily reach the 500 to 600 gr/m2 mark within 7 to 9 weeks.

Under the right conditions, Bomb Seeds Ice Bomb can develop a lovely purple sheen to make this powerhouse a true piece of eye candy. These 100% feminized seeds are consistent, hardy, & able to forgive all your mistakes.

The Gorilla sells 100% legal cannabis seeds for collection purposes only. Any illegal use including but not restricted to germination, cultivation and growing is prohibited. Please read our  disclaimer

Buy Your Ice Bomb Seeds from The Gorilla Now While You Can!

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Vanilla Kush, White Rhino and Bomb #1
Flowering Time 7-10 weeks
THC V.Strong
Height Info medium
Height notes Medium (90-140cm)
Flowering Outdoors September-October
Yield Good
Yield Notes High (500-600g/m²)
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio (mostly Indica)
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