Sour Diesel

High Pedigree – No Mutts Here!

Bulldog Seeds

Sour Diesel has the famous pungent NYC Diesel power and the intense aroma of the S.A.G.E. Sour Diesel. These two quality crosses have made another classic hybrid from The Bulldog Seeds medicinally approved, 100% feminised range.
  • NYC Diesel x S.A.G.E
  • 8-9 Weeks Flowering Time
  • 100% Feminised Seeds
  • 70% Indica – 30% Sativa
  • Medicinally Approved
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Product Details

100% Feminised - 100% Bitch!

When The Bulldog Seeds decides to cross strains, they don't just throw any old mutts together and hope for the best. Using high pedigree parents in all breeding projects is an absolute must. This Sour Diesel bitch is the result of crossing the famous power of NYC Diesel and the unmistakable aroma of the S.A.G.E. - A wise choice indeed!

Sour Diesel isn't just another seed that's been slapped with the "medicinal" label. The Bulldog Seeds have meticulously crafted a connoisseur quality hybrid with, high THC and plenty of the medicinally marvellous, cannabinoids including above average levels of CBD & CBN. All of The Bulldog Seeds Strains are tested to the highest standards and include accurate medicinal info!

  • 100% Feminised Seeds
  • 70% Indica - 30% Sativa
  • 18.5% THC, 0.19% CBD and 0.16% CBN
  • NYC Diesel x S.A.G.E.
  • 8-9 Weeks Flowering Time

If high pedigree and medicinal testing isn't your thing and you just want a super strong, super pungent beast, then look no further. You have found man's new best friend! With an amazing sour taste and extra-long lasting high The Bulldog Seeds Sour Diesel is the dog's bollocks!

The Gorilla only stocks and sells the very best seeds from highest quality breeders. Sour Diesel from The Bulldog Seeds gets The Gorillas top banana award, and it's medicinally approved!

For the freshest cannabis seeds, fasted delivery and highest quality breeders on the planet, buy your weed seeds from The Gorilla. We can't be beaten on price!

Medicinally Approved NYC Diesel x S.A.G.E. - Grab Yours Today!

NB: Cannabis seeds + water = breaking the law. Keep them fresh and dry guys, and avoid any nasty run ins with your local law enforcement agencies. Don't germinate these high quality weed seeds - you have been warned!


Cannabis Genetics NYC Diesel X S.A.G.E
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 18.15 %
CBD 0.19%
CBN 0.16%
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info Medicinally Approved
Flavour Sour
Yield Good
Yield Notes 700 gr/sqm
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
The Bulldog Seeds was founded in 2010 as an offshoot of The Bulldog Coffeeshop company. This group of shops, bars and hotels was first started in 1975 by Henk de Vries and has become one of the best-known cannabis companies in the world. Bulldog Seeds only sells the best genetics in the industry, but the prices have remained very affordable. You can't lose with these guys - buy now!