Chem 91

Accept No Substitutes!

Cali Connection is the absolute only breeder at this time to offer the original Chem 91 Sk VA clone-only strain in seed form. Swerve might have broken some unspoken Cali stoner code to bring you these bad-ass weed seeds, but what do you care? Get 'em while the getting is good!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Certified Cali Fire
  • High THC & Yields
  • Sour Citrus/Diesel Fuel
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Product Details

Cali Connections Puts Chem 91 Within Reach!

The California Cannabis Community is world famous for several things - they've pioneered legal medical marijuana, they've created some of the best new genetics on Earth, & they like to create clone-only strains that make the rest of us drool!

Cali Connections is on a mission to turn some of the best SoCal clone-only strains into premium cannabis seeds so that the rest of us can get in on the action - thoughtful bunch that they are. And that's exactly what they did with Chem 91 Feminized Seeds.

  • Genuine Chem 91 Sk VA Genetics
  • Top Rated Power & Yield
  • Unmistakable Flavour & Aroma

These dudes weren't content to release just any Chemdog strain - they went with the elusive Chem 91 Sk Va clone. In other words, this is the undiluted powerhouse that legends are made from - mom to Sour Diesel, OG Kush, all the Diesels and countless other highly desirable breeds.

With Cali Connection Chem 91, you get that intense, unmistakable sour citrus/diesel fuel flavour that clings to your tongue like axel grease with a matching aroma that penetrates your nose, your upholstery & your very soul. You won't forget this Cali fire anytime soon!

Chem 91 is a high-powered marijuana seed with an equally high yield. She can finish in about 65 to 72 days after the flip, but give her extra time if she seems to need it. These 100% feminized seeds really pack on the weight near the end for an astounding 450+ gr/m2 if you play your cards right.

These impressive weed seeds are the stuff of legends & so are The Gorilla's prices. If you're looking for a bargain on premium gear from Cali Connections or any one of our other world-class breeders, you'll get it here at Gorilla Seeds!

Drooling Over Chem 91 Cannabis Seeds - Order Now & Find Out What All The Fuss Is About!

NB: If you're not careful, you could get in a lot of legal trouble with your new Chem 91 ganja seeds. Stay safe & keep 'em dry. Germination & cultivation are illegal almost everywhere including the UK.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Original Chem 91 Sk Va Clone
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
THC V.Strong
Flavour Distinct Sour Citrus/Diesel Fuel
Aroma Distinct Sour Citrus/Diesel Fuel
Yield Good
Yield Notes 450 gr/m2
Greenhouse Yes
Chem 91 is a high-powered feminized seed sold by the Cali Connections brand. Based in California (duh!) with outposts in Europe, Cali Connections brings the best West Coast genetics to the world in seed form. Many products were formerly clone-only breeds (very hard to come by if you don't have a hook-up). Don't let this chance pass you by - order your genuine Cali Connections marijuana seeds today!