Blue Cheese


If Blue Cheese has a superiority complex, it’s only because she has a prominent pedigree. Her parents are the world-renowned Cheese & the ever exquisite Blueberry. With such a high-flying background, who could blame Blue Cheese for feeling self-important? Plus, this feminized Indica is smooth & easy… in a sophisticated sort of way, of course. Sit back & let her soothe you!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Highly Sought After
  • Up to 550 gr/m2 Inside
  • Indica-Dominant Relaxation
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Product Details

Everyone's Favourite Blue Cheese Strain!

Blue Cheese has a lot of great things going for her and she knows it! Despite her upper-class background, these feminized seeds have a way of putting people completely at ease. She'll alleviate all your troubles with her uniquely pungent, yet fruity presence.

  • Coated in Potent Resin
  • Fast Enough for the Great Outdoors
  • The Blue Cheese Yield Averages 550 gr/m2

If you’ve got some nagging excess tension, Blue Cheese Feminized will fix you right up. She’s a true beauty who’ll leave you feeling euphoric, totally relaxed and dreaming of your next encounter.

The Gorilla’s a super compassionate guy! He knows you want to feel that elated feeling all the time, so he’s ready and waiting to rush these quality marijuana seeds to you. You’ll have them in your hot little hands before you know it!

Get Your Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds Today - You Won't Find 'em Cheaper!

Bear in mind that these exceptional cannabis seeds are plenty of fun as is. The Gorilla has no qualms about cutting you off if you try doing anything crazy like growing them. Germinating is illegal around here and that considerate big ape doesn’t want to see you get in any trouble.

Looking for more Blue Cheese Seeds for sale? It's a BC bonanza at Gorilla Seeds! In addition to DinaFem's outstanding bean, we also have this combination from Big Buddha Seeds & Barney's Farm. And at these prices, you can get your fill!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Blueberry X UK Cheese
Flowering Time 7 weeks
THC Average
Height Info tall
Height notes Up to 3 Meters - Flip at 40 cm in preparation for the stretch
Flavour Strong Fruit, Sweet & Spicy, Cheese Aftertaste
Aroma Blueberry On Top with Cheese Below
Yield Good
Yield Notes Up to 550 gr/m2
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
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