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Blue Cheese


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Blue Cheese Auto

4 / 5 based on 1 reviews


This ain’t your Daddy’s Blue Cheese/Ruderalis hybrid! DinaFem crossed their best Cheese Auto with a brand new Auto Blueberry to delivery this original genetic mix. Blue Cheese Auto Cannabis Seeds taste more like Cheese & smell more like Blueberry, but there are hints of both at every turn!

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Blue Fruit

Blue Fruit thrives where others often fail. Becoming much darker purple in the Autumn and in low light, she is greatly adapted to harnessing the sun’s diminishing rays. She’s an interesting mix of Indica and Sativa, with some having different proportions, just like real girls! Buy your fruitilicious cannabis seeds now.
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Blue Hash

5 / 5 based on 3 reviews
Good job noticing that! Now add this girl to your cart and click away for your prize (payment required). Her name doesn’t lie, Blue Hash is extremely potent, but not in a musty old lady fart way, in a psychoactive way! These feminized seeds are great outdoors and love to be moist, so no fancy girl crap here.
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Blue Thai

5 / 5 based on 1 reviews
Blue Thai enhances Blueberry's sweet flavour with just the right touch of Thai acid for an unbelievably good combination. The power is high & so is the yield to make this Sativa-dominant powerhouse a true behemoth with extremely uplifting effects, especially good for daytime. This is a definite must-have!
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Blue Widow

4.5 / 5 based on 4 reviews
What’s the best way to celebrate any day you bother to get out of bed? Get some Blue Widow and get the blues! The Gorilla always has the blues, and cherishes that sweet bubble gum flavour above all others. He claims it makes his breath fresh too, but that’s debatable. Buy yours today - the price is always right!
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California Hash Plant

5 / 5 based on 2 reviews
It stand for cannabidiol (underlined for dummies, not you though), and it means ‘chill out’ in some science language from the future. California Hash Plant is 100% Indica with an effect closely matching her name, and not the California part, which would involve bikinis and reasonably priced wine.
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Cheese Auto

As the daughter of Original Cheese & Critical Plus, this autoflowering chef was always destined to produce exceptional treats. Cheese Auto is finally stepping out of her parents’ shadows and making a name for herself. Dinner (and perfection) is served!
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Cloud #9

Why sit under gloomy storm clouds when you can blow them away - and get blown away - with Cloud #9 cannabis seeds? Her long resinous arms sway gently in the wind, and her weedy aroma will lift your sorry ass up and take you to your happy place. Buy now for instant escape!
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Critical +

5 / 5 based on 1 reviews
The Gorilla won’t blame it on you this time, Critical + is one Skunky lady. Fear not brave soul, up close she’s got a real sweet side, too. With an intense taste and excellent aftertaste, you’ll forgive her for stinking up the joint. Plus, it’s a fact that 56% of all people like Skunk smells 79% of the time on various days.
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Critical + 2.0 Auto

5 / 5 based on 1 reviews
Get more than double your yield, pleasure & high times with these next generation autoflowering seeds. DinaFem spent 2 long years boosting the original strain as far as they could take it - and that was pretty frickin far! No doubt one of the finest new AutoFems to hit the seed market to date. Get yours today!
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Critical + Auto

5 / 5 based on 5 reviews
She’s the hybrid that’ll make you fly, kid. Critical + Automatic combines the beloved Critical + aroma and Roadrunner’s fat nugs and substantial yields. Her full, tangled head of orange hairs lock in her sweet and fruity taste, with no brushing or hair care products required. Savour this one all the way, she’s got the premium goods in a nice, quick, thick little package.
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Critical Jack

Critical Jack’s a good gal, she just comes on strong with her special brand of tough love, not to mention up to 21% THC. Plus she’s amazingly productive, so why not put her to work? Burly and imposing, this feminized powerhouse will knock you on your ass and leave you so sedated you’ll soon be begging for another round of retribution.
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Critical Jack Auto

5 / 5 based on 1 reviews
You don’t need The Gorilla’s permission for that. You’re certainly going to call her though. Critical +, Jack Herer, and DinaFem Auto are baked up to make one of the stickiest, most exotic cannabis seeds on the market. She’s quite powerful and well-rounded, so CJA won’t leave you comatose in a chair or frantically ‘double-checking’ your windows and locks.
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Critical Kush

2.5 / 5 based on 2 reviews
Critical Kush is an artisanal work of horticultural art rendered possible through advanced botanical science. Well, sort of. A balanced Indica/Sativa cross, Critical Kush Seeds are hard working with an equally powerful punch that will knock you out your socks into your jammy-jams and read you a lullaby quicker than you can say “goodnight grammy, uh...granny.”
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Critical Mass CBD

Mass Quantities of Fruity, Medicinal Buds!

If MMJ is your thing, that's very, very good. Get your Critical Mass CBD from Dinafem & powerful physical relaxation will be your regular thing!

  • 5% THC: 5% CBD - Perfect Ratio for Medical Seeds
  • 80% Indica, 600 gr/m2, 55 Days!
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She’s not an it, She’s a She, and don’t panic, her Diesel flavour is unique, not gross. Dinafem Diesel is one of the most popular varieties on the market, and it’s soaked in petrol to give it that fun flavor. Okay... not really. Actually, the flavour is predominantly lemon - lime, with a hint of tangerine, and yes... diesel.
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3 / 5 based on 1 reviews
DinaFem dusted off their old Chemdog stock & spruced it up with a fresh shot of Guava Chem for renewed power, vigour & productivity. If you're an old-school dawg-fan, don't worry - you'll instantly recognize her trademark Pine-sol aroma & powerful effect. For a new take on a mythic class, buy these feminized seeds today!
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DinaFem Mix

Experience the intrigue of Dinafem Mix. This saucy lady proves to be quite the enigma. Her past is unknown, with a long list of possible Sativa mothers and Indica fathers. Her manners are always evolving, letting her drift from couch-locking underachievers to cerebral society. She’s a little bit of everything and everyone, having fun wherever she goes. Unravel her mystery today!
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5 / 5 based on 1 reviews
Roots neatly tethered to the American west coast, this Californian wonder-kid knows no bounds speaking marijuanically, ah ... metaphorically. These cannabis seeds are the closest piece of Americanna-abis anyone will ever get. Taste infused with world-class genetics is Dinamex simplified, but close examination of this strain’s varied roots reveals a complex breed not to be misunderstood.
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Magic Beans that Cost Way Less than a Cow!

Just because DinaFem Seeds perform like a million doesn't mean you gotta rob a bank to afford these babies! These dudes remember what it was like to be a small-time collector so they keep the quality high & the prices low to make sure you always get the most for your money, and The Gorilla takes that idea one step further. You won't find these feminized seeds cheaper anywhere else - we promise!

  • Amazing Prices & Freaky-Fast Delivery Times
  • International Shipping - Practically Every Country Serviced
  • Check Out Our Free Seeds - The More You Spend, the More You Get!

If you're not sure what to choose, check out one of DF's latest creations. Dinafem Blue Cheese is a new twist on a very popular classic that's a potent cross between the highly sought-after Dinafem Cheese & a super-sweet Original Blueberry Feminized Seed. Tasty doesn't even begin to describe this incredible mix.

Genuine DinaFem Seeds are unmistakable even if you never remove your new marijuana seeds from the security of their protective Eppendorf tube. For maximum protection, every set is carefully packaged within a silver-toned, crush-proof tin with the distinctive DinaFem logo emblazoned across the front.

At Gorilla Seeds, we always ship our beans in the original, factory sealed packaging so what you see is exactly what you get! No repackaging - and absolute no doubts as to what's inside. How great is that?

Don't Torture Yourself Any Longer - Order Your Own DinaFem Seeds Today!

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