Blue Fruit



Blue Fruit thrives where others often fail. Becoming much darker purple in the Autumn and in low light, she is greatly adapted to harnessing the sun’s diminishing rays. She’s an interesting mix of Indica and Sativa, with some having different proportions, just like real girls! Buy your fruitilicious cannabis seeds now.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Mostly Indica
  • With a Touch of Sativa Lift!
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Product Details


Well Seasoned and Well Traveled, Not Used Up

An ‘experienced’ athlete either refers to somebody at the top of the game, or someone on their way out. Blue Fruit Feminized is experienced in a good way. With years of experimentation by professionals and amateurs, she attained perfection! Gorgeous purple/violet hues grace this beauty, and she smells divine, like red berries.

  • She tastes like red berries too!
  • Highly resinous
  • Feminized Indica and Sativa Blend

A mix of psychoactive and calming effects give these feminized seeds the qualities people across the world have enjoyed for years. While the Sativa yields are slightly lower, they have a superior flavor many prefer. The whole world can’t be wrong; it’s gotta be good! She’s also excellent with low humidity, because everybody knows high humidity messes up her hair.

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Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Blueberry X California Hash Plant
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
THC Average
Flavour Like Red Berries
Aroma Strong
Flowering Outdoors Late October
Yield Average
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 80% Indica: 20% Sativa
Greenhouse Yes
DinaFem Seeds started off slow, but there's no stopping them now! This isn't a big corporate organization - it's a small group of independent Spanish breeders who really know their shit. The talks started in 2002, but Dinafem didn't fully launch their first collection of stunning feminized seeds because they took all they needed to do things exactly right. With a clear focus on absolute perfection, they've continued to improve their line each & every year. Don't miss out - order genuine DinaFem Seeds today!