Dinafem Cheese

Can You Smell the Fromage?


Aptly named, Dinfem Cheese have the aroma of an aged, well-cured version of her namesake. You’d think that, with such a pungent fragrance, Cheese might have trouble making friends, but as it happens, this feminized Indica is much smoother than she seems. Don’t be surprised if you’re the one doing the melting when all is said and done!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Multi-Cup Winner
  • UK's Favourite Strain
  • Commercial-Grade Yields
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Product Details

Give In To Her Stinky Charm!

DinaFem Cheese is accustomed to winning people over. With her laid-back appearance and ability to strike the perfect balance, Cheese Seeds win fans all around the world with her gentle approach, pleasing effects & unmistakable aroma.

  • Commercial-Grade Cannabis Seeds
  • Award-Winning Genetics
  • Cerebral and Physical Balance
  • Heavy Yield - Insanely High Volumes

Cheese is one smooth operator! She lures you in with her over-the-top presence and then keeps you intrigued with her soothing ways. There’s a lot more to these feminized seeds than meets the eye!

It’s understandable that you don’t want to wait to experience the allure of Cheese Feminized Seeds and, lucky for you, you don’t have to. The Gorilla will make sure you get these cheesy little nuggets at lightning speed!

Order Now and Find Out Why Cheese Strains Are The UK's Favourite Flavour!

NB: By the way, The Gorilla seriously frowns upon any illegal activities like cultivation and germination of cannabis seeds. You wouldn’t want to give The Gorilla a big frown-y face would you? Sad apes tend to do some serious damage, so don’t go there!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time 8 weeks
THC Strong
CBD Normal%
Cannabis Cup Multiple HTCC's & Other Awards
Cup Winner Yes
Height notes Up to 2.5 Meters Outside - Smaller Inside
Flavour Like Aged Chedivar
Aroma Pungent & Stinky - Definitely Not Stealth
Yield Good
Sativa / Indica ratio 50% Sativa; 50% Indica
Greenhouse Yes
DinaFem Seeds started off slow, but there's no stopping them now! This isn't a big corporate organization - it's a small group of independent Spanish breeders who really know their shit. The talks started in 2002, but Dinafem didn't fully launch their first collection of stunning feminized seeds because they took all they needed to do things exactly right. With a clear focus on absolute perfection, they've continued to improve their line each & every year. Don't miss out - order genuine DinaFem Seeds today!