Critical +

Take a Shower, You Stink!

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The Gorilla won’t blame it on you this time, Critical + is one Skunky lady. Fear not brave soul, up close she’s got a real sweet side, too. With an intense taste and excellent aftertaste, you’ll forgive her for stinking up the joint. Plus, it’s a fact that 56% of all people like Skunk smells 79% of the time on various days.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Incredibly Fast - 50 Days
  • Highly Sought After!
  • Up to 1200 Grams
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About Critical +

So What If She Smells a Bit; She’s Still Good!

It’s like you’re own farts; you know they stink, but you like them. Critical + Seeds stink too, luckily everyone likes it! Smart people improved upon the best and came up with this beauty by using math like the + in the name implies. She’s a department store full of good qualities like speed, intensity, and more!

  • Feminized and Famous
  • Massive 900 - 1200g Yields
  • Smooth, Fruity, Delicious

Without a doubt, the Critical + Strain is DinaFem’s most popular marijuana seed, and The Gorilla is all thumbs up. She’s clearly one of the highest yielding cannabis seeds, but with zero sacrifice to the high quality The Gorilla demands.

Since you’re already hooked, here’s the finishing touch: The Gorilla always ships quickly and discreetly, providing no-risk browsing and purchasing via the Gorilla Seeds site!

To celebrate, Buy Lots of DinaFem Seeds Critical + Now!

NB: Nobody wants to agitate The Gorilla, so please be mindful of your local laws regarding weed seeds. Absolutely no germination, cultivation or Critical + grow action allowed!

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics New & Improved Critical Plus
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC V.Strong
Height notes Up to 2.5 Meters Outside
Flavour Great Aftertaste
Aroma Smooth & Fruity/Skunky - Too Intense for Stealth without Heavy-Duty Filters
Yield Good
Yield Notes 900 to 1200 Grams
Sativa / Indica ratio 50% Sativa - 50% Indica
Greenhouse Yes
DinaFem Seeds started off slow, but there's no stopping them now! This isn't a big corporate organization - it's a small group of independent Spanish breeders who really know their shit. The talks started in 2002, but Dinafem didn't fully launch their first collection of stunning feminized seeds because they took all they needed to do things exactly right. With a clear focus on absolute perfection, they've continued to improve their line each & every year. Don't miss out - order genuine DinaFem Seeds today!
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