Kosher Dawg

aka Hebrew National

DNA Genetics

DNA's Kosher Dawg delivers insane yields with equally as amazing flavor profiles, expect terps out buds within 9 weeks flat! Known for its exceptional big yields, Kosher Dawg is a Big Man strain! Be Careful Kosher Dawg can knock you out into a sedated state of bliss!
  • 80% Indica Dominant
  • StarDawg X Kosher Kush
  • Top Yields
  • Top Terps
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Product Details

Welcome to DNA's Yield Master!

Kosher Dawg gives premium yields,quality, and flavors bundled into an 80% Indica, 9-week flower finisher!

  • DNA Genetics Kosher Dawg - It's Kosher!
  • 80% Indica, good for the head!
  • Quality Terp Profile - Flavouriscoyus 
  • Top Yields!!

Kosher Dawg developed in California from a unique cross of JJ's Stardawg vs Kosher Kush, the resultant was quickly captured into seed form and is now available for sale on Gorilla Seed Bank. Kosher Dawg finishes with a premium quality grade that brings smiles and laughter to its loyal audience.

Medical Grade Strain - Kosher Dawg being 80% Indica qualifies as a medical cannabis strains reconmended for anxiety, stress, and heartburn.

Don't forget the law - cannabis seeds should not be grown or cultivated. Cannabis seeds are sold for collection purposes only due to UK law. You can read more about Kosher Dawg on DNA's website - do a google search or contact us for more info!


Cannabis Genetics StarDawg (Guava) x Kosher Kush
Yield Good
Yield Notes 500-650 g/m2
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 80% Indica| Sativa: 20%

DNA Genetics processes the very best cannabis genetics in the world - Gorilla has been serving DNA genetics cannabis seeds for over 13 years and can vouch for them being of the elitist and highest qualities out there.