Girl Scout Cookies Auto

This AutoFem Does the Original Cut Justice - And Then Some!

Fast Buds

Original GSC just went full-blown auto thanks to Fast Buds. This crew took a genuine cut, crossed it with their best Canadian Ruderalis and poof! Girl Scout Cookies Auto was born. This bad-ass hybrid has a full 22% THC, all that minty/chocolaty goodness you've been craving & hard-hitting effects that relax the body & give you a big burst of pure joy. She's all you've heard about & more - without the wait!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • Incredibly Popular
  • Thin Mint Aroma
  • Very Potent - 22% THC
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Product Details

The Thin Mint Shines Through Backed by a Full 22% THC!

If you've been itching for your very own Girl Scout Cookies, Fast Buds is ready to scratch your back with their new Girl Scout Cookies Auto strain. Believe it or not - this fine-ass AutoFem does the original ladies the justice they so righteously deserve - and then some!

  • Stays True to Original GSC
  • Clear Thin Mint Aroma
  • Mixed Stones & Highs - 22% THC
  • Fast at 55 to 63 Days from Seed!

Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto has that sweet, earthy OG flavour that sets this breed apart plus an undeniable Thin Mint (chocolate mint) aroma that is distinctly GSC! The resin flows thick & the THC is extra high at a full 22% making this a perfect choice for oils, extracts, concentrates, hash, dabs, etc. You will love this one - you won't have any other choice!

Girl Scout Cookies Automatic Seeds are 60% Indica for heavy stones paired with happy, joyous highs that'll do both your mind & your body right. According to Fast Buds, this isn't just a fan favourite; it's a bona fide medical seed as well with a multitude of therapeutic benefits including pain, spasms and mood control. Get yours now!

Snatch Up Your Girl Scout Cookies Auto Seeds Now - They Might Not Last Long!

NB: The promise of a Thin Mint aroma is enough to tempt most into trying a Girl Scout Cookies Auto grow, but hold strong & don't do it. These quality cannabis seeds are mere collectible souvenirs never to be germinated or cultivated under penalty of the law - and The Gorilla!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Girl Scout Cookies X Canadian Ruderalis
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC V.Strong
THC notes 22% THC
Medical Yes
Height Info medium
Height notes 60 to 100 cm
Auto flowering Yes
Flavour Sweet & Earthy
Aroma Thin Mint (Chocolate Mint)
Yield Good
Indoor Yield 500-650 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield 70-300 gr/seed
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 60% Indica
Greenhouse Yes
Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a very popular automatic seed created by the Fast Buds brand. Fast Buds got their start in California & still specializes in fully refined West Coast strains, but they now have a strong global presence as well as a European branch office. If you're looking for the finest autoflowering seeds, make your next purchase from the Fast Buds collection. You'll love them!